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Independence: Premier Care Bathing

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in From the Heart | 0 comments

Hi Bubbling Readers,

Morning Glory

Blessings to you and your family!

 I have found that some of my friends are caring for their parents or have loved ones who live independently in their own homes.

This is a very emotional topic for me. My Dad and I took care of my mother in our home while she was battling an illness. We always tried to look for ways that she could be more independent at home. We lived in a bungalow-style, one-level home; so she did not have to go up or down stairs. This made it convenient for her to move around. However, she would need me or my daddy to help her to step in and out of the tub. It would have been ideal to have had a walk in tub from Premier Care Bathing.

Premier Care Bathing

From my experience of taking care of my mother; and then later my Dad, it is so important to make sure there is ease of movement in the home.

I wanted to share with you five tips for your parents to regain their independence in the home if they are dealing with mobility and accessibility issues. Many at-home accidents occur in the bathroom. With the right bathroom configuration and design, that risk can be greatly reduced.

1. Never make your parents feel like a child. Your mother and father will appreciate what you are doing for them if you love them and show them respect and care for them with dignity.

2. See what obstacles your parents might have in their home and find out how they can overcome them. Some times the parent may not know that they are having challenges with everyday tasks. So, it is important for you to observe the situation and take action if necessary. If it is difficult for your parents to get in the tub or shower, a good alternative is a walk-in tub.

Premier Care  is a company that really helps with offering ease of getting in and out of the tub and they also offer a free home assessment. Contact Premier Care for more details!

3. Confidence and Independence – For your parent, freedom to take that bath anytime they want is independence beyond measure. It can boost their confidence if they have struggled with the fear of staying by themselves. It is peace of mind, no only for the parent, but also for you if you do not live close by and checking in on them is not easy to do.

4. Security – Being able to safely get in and out of the tub on your own can provide peace of mind for both you and your loved one. A secure home environment that is designed for mobility issues can be just what is needed keep your loved one living in that home. Premier Care has several different bathroom design options available to meet your needs and your budget.

YouTube Preview Image

5. Comfort and Ease – It is such a relief to know that your loved one does not need to have any assistance while in the bathroom. To be able to get in the bathtub or shower on their is an empowering thing. Premier  Care can make it happen for you and your loved one.

Premier Care Bathing

Premier Care Bathing

Premier Care has 25 years experience and they make sure that selecting the walk-in tub for your home is exactly the way you want it.

“Although there is a growing number of manufacturers that try to create a comparable tub, none of them have the 25 years of experience and development that Premier has utilized to perfect this life-changing product. Most other walk-in tub companies cut corners on quality and service in order to offer a lower price. Many also re-sell shoddy imitation baths that are manufactured in China.

If you are looking for the best, highest quality, most reliable walk-in bath that’s made by hand in the USA, there’s only one place to turn to: Premier Care in Bathing!” Premier Bath

If you are in a situation where you feel you or your loved ones may have to make a decision whether your parents may have to go into assisted living facility or a nursing home.  Wait!

There are options out there where your parents can stay in their own home and be independent.

Thank you Premier Care for Sponsoring today’s post, the honest opinions are my own.

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Karma Mantra: Lotus Seed Necklace

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014 in Accessories, Fashion | 0 comments

Hi Elegant Readers,

Pray you are having an awesome Labor Day holiday weekend. I have been battling a summer cold, however I am feeling better, thank the Lord. Plenty of tea and cough syrup!

I am super excited to tell you about the Lotus Seed Mala that I was gifted by Romell, founder and designer of Karma Mantra.

I was contacted by Romell, who asked me if I would like to try a piece of jewelry from his website, Karma Mantra.  I had not heard of Karma Mantra before, so I was intrigued and went exploring on the website.

The design variations and styles of jewelry styles are available for both women and men.

I always enjoy reading the about page to know the story behind the designs.

Here’s an excerpt from the Karma Mantra About Page:

“Karma Mantra’s entire line is a collection of hand-selected gems acquired from designer Romell Bhaala’s global journeys. Additionally, Romell uses the experiences of his travels to inspire new one-of-a-kind creations. Each item is the culmination of a powerful past shaping a transcendent future.”

It was extremely hard to select a piece that I liked, so I suggested a few of my favorites and was ready to be surprised.

My package came in the mail and when I opened the envelope, this is what was inside.
A  beautiful Lotus Seed Mala and a sweet card inside that said, “JT, hope this was everything you expected and more! Peace & Love, Alexa”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Karma Mantra package

Karma Mantra package

The Lotus Seed Necklace Mala retails for $24.99 on Karma Mantra’s website.

Product Description

“This beautiful Lotus Seed mala is one of the most beautiful and powerful looking malas carried by Karma Mantra. Wear the beautiful Lotus Seed Japa Mala around your neck or hold it in your hand during your meditation practice to us the Lotus seeds as healing. Like the Lotus flower which takes its roots in muddy depths and blossom into a beautiful flower, let the Lotus Seed Mala remind you of your inner beauty. Let your soul root itself within difficulties and grow above them with beauty and compassion. With each bead over 12mm, this mala tends to be a mala used for meditation, kirtan or for someone wanting to take their Japa practice to the next level. Please Note: This Mala is very long, and can be worn long or wrapped around as a necklace/multiple stack bracelet. ” Karma Mantra

Lotus Seed Mala Styled by JTwisdom

I respect that some use the Lotus Seed Mala for meditation, kirtan or Japa, however I am wearing the Mala as a necklace styled with fashion apparel.

In the picture the necklace is styled with a very bright and bold dress that I constantly get compliments on. In the photo below, the Mala is wrapped twice around the neck in a short and long style.

Lotus Seed Mala Karma Mantra

Lotus Seed Mala
Karma Mantra

I wanted to show that the necklace is very long and can be worn many different ways, the style is up to you. I layered the Mala with my jasper heart leather cord necklace for dimensional effect.

Karma Mantra Lotus Seed Mala

Karma Mantra Lotus Seed Mala

The beads are soft and really accentuated my embroidered blouse.

Lotus Seed Mala Karma Mantra

Lotus Seed Mala
Karma Mantra

The beads flow so well and feel very secure. When I wore this blouse, the Lotus Seed Mala did not feel weighty at all. It was great.

Lotus Seed Mala  Karma Mantra

Lotus Seed Mala
Karma Mantra

Another way I styled the necklace was with a casual blue striped blouse. The look was so relaxing and cool. The shape of the beads remind me of large freshwater pearls. I keep talking about the shape because the beads are so comfortable.

Lotus Seed Mala with Blue Striped Blouse

Lotus Seed Mala with Blue Striped Blouse

This is four-season jewelry that can be worn no matter what the temperature is outside. The necklace can work with a blouse, dress, or turtleneck.

Post coming soon showing how to style the Mala for fall and winter.

Thank you Romell and everyone at Karma Mantra for giving me the opportunity to style the Lotus Seed Mala.

To see the Lotus Seed Mala and other pieces of jewelry please visit Karma Mantra.

Much love!

JTwisdom signature

Disclaimer: JTwisdom was given this beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift. The honest opinions are her own.

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The Infinite Tee designed by Camilla Olson

Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in Fashion | 1 comment

Hi Elegant readers,

JT in Infinite Tee

JT in Infinite Tee

The Super Moon was out recently and it was a fascinating sight to see. I have to tell you about a great opportunity I recently had to review the most beautiful tee.

The Super Moon

The Super Moon

Designer Camilla Olson recently contacted me to try “The Infinite Tee.”   I have collaborated with Camilla in the past on a dress, so I know her work is fabulous. I anxiously waited to receive it and give it a try. I received the tee in less than two weeks and when I received the package in the mail it came with a 5×7 illustration card showing  different ways to wear the Tee.

There are so many ways The Infinite Tee can be worn that the ideas are endless.

Camilla Olson The Infinite Tee

I stepped outside of the box  and put the tee over of my sleeveless dresses.  The silk tee is very comfortable and a great layering piece.

JT in The Infinite Tee

On the Camilla Olson website, the description of The Infinite Tee

The Infinite Tee is definitely more than just a Tee. Self blocking around the bra line removes uncertainty of appropriateness. The slight accent of the double layer is surprisingly eye catching because of the perfect encircling around your torso. Wear it with or without a bra,  with a tank and jacket, or anything in between. We think this is the most versatile piece in our collection and guess you’ll agree it is more than just a Tee. Each purchase includes a 5″ x 7″ illustrated card on ways to wear the Infinite Tee.  (

JT Styling the Infinite Tee

JT Styling the Infinite Tee

Details of the Infinite Tee are:

100% silk chiffon, imported
5 1/2″ self fabric double layer serves as a pseudo bandeau
Gentle slit at the front neck, adds interest and lengthens the face and torso.
French seam finish on all seams
Pin hem
25″ from shoulder to front hem. (size XS)
36″ diameter at the hem (size XS)
Sizes XS – XL Dry clean or hand wash cold.

This tee is effortless. I feel odd calling this a tee because it feels and looks so luxurious. The tee works so well under a blazer or with your favorite jeans.  The style choices are endless with this tee.

Infinite Tee Style Work Wear

I paired the Tee with printed design, wide-leg pants and it flowed effortlessly. Tee is cool and great for hot days because the fabric is breathable. I really like how the print of the pants shows through silk fabric. I could wear this outfit to work, church, shopping, traveling and more.

JT in Infinite tee with printed pant

JT in Infinite tee with printed pant

I paired the tee with a maxi skirt. Tee highlighted the colors in the skirt.

JT pairing Infinite Tee with maxi skirt

JT pairing Infinite Tee with maxi skirt

The styles are endless. What a versatile luxurious tee  that will work in my wardrobe all year long.

Thank you Camilla Olson for giving me the opportunity to style this tee.

JTwisdom signature

* JT was allowed to keep the Tee, the review is her honest opinion. *

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