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Bubbling with Elegance and Grace is a life and style blog that writes on various topics:

Faith to Fitness, Fashion to Food and everything in-between.

One of our team's goals is to make a difference and offer inspirational messages to get you thinking about your life.

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Fan-tastic Giveaway

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015 in Around the Home, Giveaway | 11 comments

Fan-tastic Giveaway

Hi Beautiful people,

What a great Independence Day holiday weekend. It’s been raining here in the Show-Me State but it was wonderful it held off during the holidays. I am not complaining about the rain because I have family in California who are praying for rain to come to their area. I walked in a parade and it was wonderful seeing everyone wave their flags and proud to be an American.

I am excited about this Fan-tastic Giveaway. Look what you can win!
A Hunter ceiling fan! and PayPal CASH!!!

A ceiling fan is such an energy-efficient bonus for the home. It helps circulate the air throughout the house. Who doesn’t want to keep cool during these summer months.  To sweeten the deal, the winner will also receive $200 in PayPal Cash. It is a sure way to make cool you off in the summer, with cool cash! I know that I would enter, if I wasn’t a hostess.

Fan-tastic giveaway katherines corner

One winner will receive –

a Hunter Fan Windemere Brushed Nickel Two Light 54 inch Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote


$200 (USD) in PayPal Cash


Blog Hostesses

Katherine- Katherines Corner

Angel- Sew Crafty Angel

Nina-Vintage Mamas Cottage

Angie-Gods Growing Garden

Diane- Mamal Diane Keeping Life Simple

Kat- Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Jas- All Thats Jas

Natasha-Epic Mommy Adventures

Adriana-Yogurt Hydro

Kim-Made In A Day

Christine-I Dig Pinterest

Maria- Simple Nature Decor

Sherry-Life Of The Party

Tamaki-Bubbling with Elegance and Grace

Entering the Fan-tastic Giveaway is easy-

Just log into the entry form using your email address or facebook and click on the first entry on the rafflecopter form. Please read the terms and conditions and write yes.

Confirm you are an email subscriber of Katherines Corner or become an email subscriber (this will be verified) and enter as many bonus entries as you would like.

Open to all Katherines Corner subscribers over 18 where permitted.

Giveaway starts today and ends July 31st.

Copy the button below for the Giveaway extra entry.

Please place it on your blog with a link back to Katherines Corner for an extra entry

( see rafflecopter entry form Grab The Button entry option)

fan-tastic giveaway button

( remember to let us know where to find it ).

Good luck in the Fan-tastic Giveaway ♥


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Four Common Misconceptions About Getting Healthy

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Fitness | 0 comments

JT on the FIRM WAVE with weights

JT on the FIRM WAVE with weights

There are many reasons people try and get into shape, such as making sure they look their best on their wedding day. However, most people who try to improve their body fail and there is a simple reason for this. They hold false beliefs about how fitness works and what it can do for them. It is time to dispel these false truths about fitness forever.

You Should Exercise As Much As You Can

Too much exercise can result in the negative effect of you gaining more weight and weakening your stamina. If you exercise as much as physically possible one day, tiring yourself to the point of exhaustion, your body will feel different. You will wake up the next morning with toned muscles, but they will be sore, and every movement will be painful. You will not be in a position to do any more exercise for a couple of days. This means you will fall out of your exercise routine and, if you do not have strong will power, you may never start it up again. It is far better to do a little exercise every day and never to push yourself to your limit.

You Can Cheat

When people read about new treatments like surgery, diet pills and vitamin supplements, some think of it is as cheating. The people who take these options are looking for other avenues to seek results. Yet, what the critics do not realise is that even if you use these solutions, you must still continue to exercise and eat healthily, or they will not work. Also, you can buy substances like protein powder from sites like But this is not cheating. It is just an alternate method of taking substances found in natural food. Check the ingredients of the protein powders and make sure they have no added fillers.

One Is Enough

As you will already know, there are many different paths that lead to getting in shape. Often, people believe that taking one path is enough. For instance, they think if they take diet pills they can lose weight while still eating chocolate and McDonalds. On the contrary, many diet pills only work if they are taken with a healthy diet and the pill mainly acts as a placebo. People believe it will work and so they adjust their diet and exercise routine to prove themselves right. The same is true for exercise. It does not matter how hard you hit the gym; you will still need to have a good diet if you want a healthy body.

It Is A Long And Difficult Process

If you are trying to lose weight it can feel like nothing is happening. You can spend days, weeks and months on the same diet and exercise routine and see no change. You start to think that it is impossible for you to lose weight. But the truth is that either your diet or routine is not matched to your fitness goal. For instance, a low metabolism will make it difficult for you to lose weight unless you do a lot of exercise on a smaller diet.

We hope we have corrected what you may have believed about exercise and that you realize it is not as hard to get fit as you first thought.

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Give Your Dog A Summer You Will Both Enjoy

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Pets, Travels | 0 comments

When we think of summer, we think of holidays. But they rarely include our dogs. Instead, we leave them in the kennels as they wait patiently for our return. This is unfair, but unfortunately dogs are not suited for airplanes or hotel rooms. But, do you have to go on holiday to enjoy the summer? Can’t you enjoy it at home with your pet instead? You certainly can. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy the sun with man’s best friend.

Gio and Vinny

Gio and Vinny

A Trip To The Beach
If you have a beach nearby, you can always go and enjoy the sun closer to home. You can take your dog with you and let him run off on the sands into the distance. He will love dipping in and out of the cool water, and it is also quite fun to see them swim over the waves. Although you should be careful how far in your throw it or you may find yourself on a rescue mission. Also, do not forget to check the temperature of the sand before you let your dog loose. If it is too hot on the back of your hand, it is too hot on his paws. If the weather is hot, enough you can join him for a swim, and it does not have to be the beach. You can take your dog anywhere for a quick paddle.

Rather than just walking your dog around town, why not take him on a trip into the countryside? You should always try to be adventurous and take more challenging routes. As long as you pack well you can journey as far as you like. We do recommend you get a light for his collar though because mist can fall quickly on mountains. Before you go, check the rules of the area where you are walking your dog. You may not be able to let him off his lead in certain areas.  You could consider making it more than a day trip. Take your dog camping and enjoy the outside world together. But do remember to check your dog for bugs and bites when you get back. You can stop this problem before it occurs with a good flea treatment. A flea spray is easy to use and acts as a strike on fleas before they set up home on your pet.

A Good Play
Dogs love a good mess around, but admit it, so do you. You love throwing the ball just as much as he loves catching it. You can treat both yourself and your dog by shopping for some new toys to play with this summer. You could buy a big ball that floats so that it is easy for him to find when he is playing in the water.

Bird Watching
Once you have had a walk or play with your dog, you can settle down and relax. You could take up birdwatching because dogs can be trained to sit outside quietly with their owners, watching the wildlife. Or, you can watch from the window. Dogs can learn to love this quiet and peaceful activity just as much as humans do.

We hope you find these ideas helpful and love having your dog at your side this summer.

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Discovering the Impressionists: Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Painting

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Art | 2 comments

Hello Beautiful People,

The Philadelphia Art Museum recently opened Discovering the Impressionists: Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Painting exhibition. The traveling exhibit will be open through September 13, 2015.

“This summer, the Philadelphia Museum of Art presents a ground-breaking exhibition examining the early struggles and ultimate triumph of the artists who became known as the Impressionists and the role played by the visionary Parisian art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel in their success. Including masterworks by Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, and Mary Cassatt, Discovering the Impressionists: Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Paintingspans the period of 1865 through 1905. The exhibition begins when Durand-Ruel inherited his family’s art gallery and invested in the work of innovative painters such as Eugène Delacroix, Gustave Courbet, and Jean-François Millet. It then focuses on the decisive moment when he encountered the new and luminous paintings of the Impressionists that evoked a changing, modern world. It continues through the 1880s, when Durand-Ruel opened markets for the artists’ work in the United States, and the early 20th century, when the artistic genius of the Impressionists finally achieved international renown. It reunites for the first time key paintings from early Impressionist exhibitions, some of which have not been seen in the United States in decades, or ever before. The Philadelphia Museum of Art will be the exhibition’s only U.S. venue.”(Philadelphia Art Museum Press Release)

 Paul Durand-Ruel embraced Impressionist artists and supported their work.

“In 1865, Paul Durand-Ruel (1831–1922) inherited a gallery founded by his parents. By the early 1870s, when he discovered the young artists who would become known as the Impressionists, he began to promote their work. His innovative strategies included acquiring the work of the artists he favored in depth; gaining exclusivity in selling their work by offering them monthly stipends; hosting monographic or solo exhibitions; and establishing branches in London, Brussels, and New York that drew him into contact with influential and daring collectors around the world. When he was eighty-eight years old, the dealer declared: “At last the Impressionist masters triumphed. My madness had been wisdom. To think that, had I passed away at sixty, I would have died debt-ridden and bankrupt, surrounded by a wealth of underrated treasures.” (Philadelphia Art Museum Press Release)

Paul Durand-Ruel, 1910 by Pierre August-Renoir

Paul Durand-Ruel, 1910 by Pierre August-Renoir

I first started to enjoy Impressionism when I took Art History classes in college. These unique-style paintings tell stories and the romanticism captured me in the moment.

YouTube Preview Image

If you live in Philadelphia or traveling there, be sure to visit the Art Museum and see this exhibit, especially if you are fond of  the Impressionism style.

Ticket Information
(includes complimentary audio tour)

Adults $25
Seniors $23
Students and Youths 13–18 $20
Children ages 5–12 $12
Children 4 and under Free

Tickets are available by calling 215-235-7469 or online at (a service charge of $3.50 applies).

Weekday afternoon price
The Museum offers discounted tickets for weekdays beginning at 3:00 p.m. for $20 through July 31.

In my next post I will share my favorite paintings of the exhibit.

JTwisdom signature


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Move Your Body and Groove to the Music

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Fashion, Review | 6 comments

Hi Beautiful People!

I love music and I enjoy dancing. I can be almost asleep; but if I hear music, I wake right up and am ready to move.

Blogger Event Salsa Night at Majestic Studios

Blogger Event Salsa Night at Majestic Studios

Dancing gets me moving and it is one of my exercise habits that keeps me in shape.

My hubby and I was invited to attend a Salsa night of dance and fun at Majestic Dance Studios.

Blogger Salsa Night

I didn’t know what to expect, however I thought it would be fun. My husband confesses that he has two left fee;t but he enthusiastically agreed to attend.

When I dance, I like my clothes to be comfortable but chic. I choose natural fiber fabrics that are breathable or fabrics that wick away moisture. I knew I would get a workout so I wanted to be prepared.

When we walked into the studio, everyone was so nice and welcoming. Alex Burodko, owner of the Majestic Studios, said that he is living the American dream and enjoying every minute of it. Mr. Burodko and the other instructors really gave us so much encouragement and confidence.

Ladies lined up on one side of the room, while the men stood on the other side. We would learn a dance step and then practice with our partner. This method made it feel easy and fun for everyone at the same time. No fear here!

JT and hubby practicing

JT and hubby going over the dance steps

When my hubby and I practiced our moves, his eyes lit up with glee because he was actually dancing.

JT and hubby learning Bachata

The instructors, Joe Elvis Alway-Baker, Angie Brooks and Alex Burodko were great at showing my hubby and I how to move in time with each other. The instructors took time to show us how to feel confident on the dance floor and that dancing is not just for the professionals.

JT and Hubby talking with

Were we treated to two performances that were awesome.

Beautiful  dancing by Josef Scherer and Loraine Ebel.

1st Performance

The second performance was high-spirited full of energy by Alex Borudko and Angie Brooks.

Instructors Alex Burodko and Angie Brooks

This was a great night out with the hubby. It was different because it going out on a date and dancing. I know we will be back to learn more dance moves.

Thank you Majestic Dance Studios for a night of fun and I can show some cool moves on the dance floor.


“Thank You” Rose given to me for attending the Salsa Night.

Join Majestic Studio For Salsa Date Night!

Saturday, June 27th at 7:30-9:00pm

Join Us for Salsa Date Night at Majestic Dance Studio! Grab a partner and come learn the basics of Salsa and other Latin Dances you can do anywhere!
No prior dance experience is needed.
Join Majestic Dance Studio for a Fun, relaxed Date Night Dance Lesson and Dance Party!!!

Pre-Registration with a payment is required to reserve your spot.

*Disclosure:Bubbling with Elegance and Grace was invited to the Majestic Dance Studio Salsa night and received a complimentary one private lesson give card.
My opinions are honest and solely my own.


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