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Vine Vera Cabernet Collection Review: Pure Luxury!

Posted by on Jul 12, 2014 in Beauty | 8 comments

Hi Bubbling Readers,

JT holding Vine Vera products

JT holding Vine Vera products

Vine Vera recently contacted me to review a couple of products from its Cabernet High-Potency Collection.

I had not heard of Vine Vera until I was contacted. To find out more I went to the Vine Vera site and read its objective.

According to its website, “Vine Vera has formulated Resveratrol alongside other extraordinary anti-aging ingredients into miracle formulas for all types of skin. Vine Vera is committed to rejuvenating your skin so that you may achieve the lifelong younger looking skin you’ve always wanted.”

Everyone wants younger looking skin or keep the great skin they have, and using Vine Vera skin care is a way to fight back anti-aging. I have read and seen many companies say that their products contain resveratrol, which is derived from grapes and is found in red wine. I had not used any skin care products that contained reservatrol, so I was excited to try Vine Vera.

The Fountain of Youth?

Reversing the aging process can start in your teens and it is never too late to take better care of your skin. I have tried a variety of products and I was really excited to see what Vine Vera had to offer.

My package arrived and I received two products for review:

Vine Vera package

Vine Vera package

Vine Vera Resveratrol High Potency Serum 1 fl. oz.

and the

Vine Vera Reservatrol High Potency Cream 3.53 fl. oz.

I expected to receive sample sizes of these products; but instead both items were full size. THANK YOU VINE VERA!

In order to give an honest review, I knew that I needed to try out these products for a period of time to see how it affected my skin. I have seen some people make claims that their skin was so much better after using a product only one time. That is just not enough time to see the cumulative results. I decided to use the Vine Vera products exclusively for one month because this is a sufficient amount of time to see a difference.

The serum goes on first and it is very light and feels like silk.

Vine Vera Cabernet Serum

Vine Vera Cabernet Serum

I then followed the serum with the Vine Vera Cabernet Resveratrol High-Potency Cream. These products are highly concentrated, you only need about a very small amount. The amount of cream on my finger below is enough for my entire face and neck area.

VIne Vera Cabernet Resveratrol High-Potency Cream

VIne Vera Cabernet Resveratrol High-Potency Cream

The feeling on my skin is baby soft, the serum and cream are luxurious.  Can’t you tell?  The cream is so light. It rubs into my skin effortlessly and does not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily.  See my expression, the cream feels so good. I have red undertones in my skin, my mother would tell me that’s my Choctaw Native Indian American heritage coming through.

JT applying Vine Vera Cabernet skincare

JT applying Vine Vera Cabernet skincare

Vine Vera Resveratrol Serum and High-Potency Cream contain no parabens, no mineral oil, no paraffin, no sodium laurel sulfate or any other of those icky ingredients. Not having fillers and synthetic ingredients was a big plus for me. The products contain only the ingredients needed to make your skin look and feel beautiful.

I can tell my skin looks so soft now and moisturized. Flawless!



The video below is a brief review of the Vine Vera products that was sent to me. I enjoyed doing it and be prepared for cameos of my doggies. Ha! Ha!

YouTube Preview Image

Always do a patch test to see how the skincare will react to your skin 24 hours before using them on your face. If you would like to learn more about resveratrol, Vine Vera has information on its site regarding studies and benefits this key ingredient has to offer.

Vine Vera is offering my Bubbling readers a generous 20% discount on its website.  The Vine Vera discount code is BWE20OFF.

Please click on Vine Vera to find out more about its products and to purchase.

Thank you Vine Vera for giving me the opportunity to use and review your products.


JT at Lady Ram event

JT at Lady Ram event

JTwisdom signature

* Vine Vera provided me with these products no cost.
All opinions and statements are strictly my own. *

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Busted! 5 Weight Loss Myths That Will Make You Cry

Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Fitness, Inspirations | 0 comments

Are you tangled in the web of weight loss fads and endless contradicting information on the web? Hopefully you haven’t fallen victim to one of these fads, wasting money and time with the hopes to lose a few pounds, only to gain more back in return. I know, it’s frustrating and millions of people share your pain. Below I explain several myths that you might be doing right now to try and lose weight. If you are, then stop wasting your time and money.

JT drinking Naturade all in one nutritional shake

JT drinking Naturade all in one nutritional shake

The fact is, what you eat is more important than how much you eat. If you don’t eat enough, your metabolism will slow down, making your body want to store fat. As a result, your initial weight loss will come from water and muscle, instead of fat.

You should try to consume healthy food choices and save those foods (and beverages) that are high in fat, sugar and calories for special occasions. Yes, you can have those unhealthy food choices from time to time, in fact, it’s encouraged. Without a cheat meal or snack every now and then, you will get frustrated and lose sight of your goal. Please note, I said a cheat meal, not a cheat day. I see too many people doing cheat days, which is way too much for your body to overcome on a weight loss plan.

This is a very old and popular myth. Your fat intake should be limited to around 15% of your overall daily calorie intake. Fat is needed in any diet to lubricate your joints, keeps your skin smooth and elastic, provide a source of energy, help your nervous system function properly and more. Olive, flaxseed and fish oils are good sources of fats. Fats to avoid include saturated fats and hydrogenated fats (also known as trans fats).

You’ve certainly heard this before, “Carbohydrates are bad for you and should be avoided”. This myth has been trending lately as fad diets like Atkins and its copycats become more and more popular. The truth is carbohydrates have a moderate amount of calories (about half as many as fat). Simple carbohydrates (sugar) should be limited, but complex carbohydrates: whole grain and starches are high in nutrients. The problem with carbohydrates is portion control. Too many people eat at restaurants with huge portion sizes loaded with 5 times the amount of carbs needed for a given meal. The best way to control your carb portions is to cook for yourself.

Meat is a great source of protein, but it certainly is not the only source. Meat can also be high in fat and sodium so many people look for alternative sources of protein. Egg whites are a prime source of protein and so are various vegetables and legumes like peas, spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Adults should engage in a workout regimen for at least 30 minutes a day at least 4 days a week. Research has shown that the activity does not need to be done all at once. The 30 minute routine can be split into two 15 minute intervals and provide the same health benefits.

full body workout

Vegetarians on average eat fewer calories and less fat than carnivores (non-vegetarians). However, vegetarians can make eating choices that contribute to weight gain by eating large amounts of high-fat, high-calorie foods as well as food with little nutritional value. The term vegetarian is not synonymous with health.

 The best way to be sure you are getting a well balanced, nutrient rich diet is to eat more whole foods and less processed, pre-packaged foods and to avoid eating out as much as possible. Make eating out an occasional treat, but try to prepare most of your meals yourself and you will be on your way to living a healthier, leaner lifestyle.

With your new found knowledge of weight loss, grab yourself a deck of my new invention, Weight Loss Stack 52, weight loss cards.

 This guest post was written by Michael Volkin.

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How to Know if Your Diet is Plotting to Kill You

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Fitness, Inspirations | 0 comments

Is your diet actually bad for your body? It’s possible! Diets that restrict calories, and even some fad diets, can be harmful to your health in many ways. Don’t let the appeal of quick weight loss take trick you into harming your health.

JT styling fitness

A starvation diet is where you don’t consume the required calories and nutrients your body needs on a day to day basis.The fad starvation diets that are popular now include the Master Cleanse, the Ultra Extreme Calorie Restriction Diet, and the Clear Liquid Diet. Among other health concerns, each of these diet plans can lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition can cause emotional swings in the near term and liver and heart issues in the long term.

As an alternative to a starvation diet, you could try a healthier detox diet. Some of these include the Dr. Oz’s 48 Hour Cleanse, Clean Program Diet and the MediFast Diet.

But let’s be honest, diets suck. Here is a general rule of thumb to help you know if the food you have on the plate in front of you will contribute to your weight gain, or help you lose weight: The more humans have monkeyed around with your food, the worse it is for your body. By that statement I mean, is your food processed? Does it contain ingredients on the label you can’t read easily? Is the expiration date on the package past the next scheduled Olympics?

To lose weight, and keep it off, don’t overthink it. A balanced diet of fresh foods containing healthy fats, protein and carbs, mixed with a little exercise will do the trick every time.

Stir Fry

This guest post was written by Michael Volkin, inventor of Weight Loss Stack 52, the most unique and fun way to lose weight. 

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