Why You Should Invest in Silver Jewellery

Silver has been around for as long as most metals like gold, copper, iron, tin, lead, and mercury have been around but only recently has it risen its popularity and value. And because the material is priced lower than gold and platinum, it allows jewellery designers to create unique pieces of silver jewellery without having to spend a lot.

The increasing number of designs available for silver jewellery has also attracted even more people to wear it. It’s bright and shiny without the flashy feel that most gold jewellery give off. It’s also easier to clean and maintain making it a jewellery you can expect to last with you for many years.

Image by Ameyali Alvarez via Flickr

Image by Ameyali Alvarez via Flickr

If you have plans of investing in silver jewellery one of these days, we thought it might be helpful that you know the reasons why it’s a smart idea to do so.

  1. Value

There is more silver in the market than there is gold or platinum which makes its price more accessible to most consumers. It doesn’t mean it’s cheap though. Silver is still a little pricey but compared to other metals, it will feel like you have invested your money well for a metal that can be relied on regularly to adding a touch of sophistication and brilliance to your look.

  1. Wide selection of styles

Because silver jewellery comes in so many designs, it’s not that hard to find one at an online silver jewellery store that will fit your taste perfectly. And you need not to worry about changing trends.

Silver jewellery is affordable that it wouldn’t feel like a waste if you still had that silver piece that you bought two seasons ago. Silver jewellery gets to be enjoyed in many different designs unlike other metals where it takes more considerations for the designer to make one for fear that it might not sell.

  1. Durable

Silver is a resilient metal which takes a lot of roughing up before it shows signs of damage. And even if it is damaged, it can easily be filed and polished by a jeweller for an affordable price. Gold on the other hand is soft and more likely to bend, warp, and gouge.

  1. Light weight

Silver is lighter than gold making it a jewellery piece that is more comfortable to wear for longer periods. So if you’re planning to buy gold jewellery online, you might want to reconsider and purchase silver instead.

  1. Versatile

Gold will dramatically change the way your outfit looks but silver won’t. In fact, silver jewellery will only look good in just about anything and might just even complement and enhance your overall look. Silver jewellery also looks good on different skin tones unlike gold which doesn’t have an appealing effect on people with warm undertones.

When paired with other gemstones, silver just look even more beautiful. Whether they’re diamonds, rubies, emeralds, jade, onyx, amber or sapphires, the natural hue of silver makes the gemstones appear clearer and brighter than they are. So if you are planning to get jewellery in a specific gemstone, make silver your choice metal.

  1. Health-friendly

Medical research states that wearing silver jewellery can help balance various body elements, keeps blood vessels elastic, helps with bone and skin formation, acts as a pain killer for muscle pain and remedies arthritis. These benefits are derived from silver’s ability to generate an electrical field which distributes electricity and heat around the body.

There are more benefits to wearing silver than there is with any other precious metal. So wait no longer and get a hold of your own that you can wear, style, and enjoy health benefits from.

What other benefits does silver jewellery have that you know of? Let us know in the comments.

A New You…

JT working out

JT working out

Hi Beautiful People,

I work daily on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to be more active and to enjoy life. Prayer and meditating on God’s word is first and foremost part of my daily routine. Prayer with health work hand in hand.For example, this is Holy Week and Easter is today. Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave. Hallelujah!

God really help me get through this week.  I have had a lot on my mind and felt drained this week so I went for a run with the Spotify app.  The Spotify app I downloaded on my iPhone has a running mode and I picked Escape (Ellie Goulding mix) and after the first five minutes I am in the zone. Running is a energy boost and the Spotify app has many different running selections to choose from, no matter what mood you are in. Selections can be from classical to techno, the choice is yours.  By the way, Spotify is free unless you want to subscribe to have ad free capabilities.

No matter how I feel, I have to choose to exercise and keep active. It’s easy to say that I will not workout; but it takes dedication to stick with it.

Variety gives me a level of excitement and fun when I workout.I know some friends who like to workout with personal trainers in the gym so that they can get motivation and expert advise. I have found that you can also get great advice and great workouts from online personal trainers, such as biomechanicallyfit.com. If you are not able to go to the gym or pressed for time, an online personal trainer may be a right fit for you. You don’t have to be advanced, the program works with beginners as well as intermediates.

Biomechanicallyfit.com is a complete online workout plan that was created by an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. The program includes five modules of webinars that give an overview of Nutrition, Body Type, Importance in Posture, Static Posture, Dynamic Posture and a variety of different exercises and how to attain proper form. You also get access to videos and material for 400 exercises and 50 workouts.

An excerpt from Biomechanicallyfit.com website below

My system starts with a Dashboard that gives you videos on navigating through the course and what each module is about. Below the videos you will find PDF files that cover the workbook in detail while giving you the option to download individual files. These files include: a Par-Q, Questions and Answers, Health History Questionnaire, 7 Day Food Journal, Workout and Posture Template.

Module 1
MIncludes videos that cover the topics of Nutrition and Eating for Body Types.

Module 2
Includes videos that cover the topics of The Importance of Posture, Postural Assessments and how to correct any issues you may have.

Module 3
Includes videos that cover the topics of Introducing Exercises and two phases of 100’s of exercises with pictures and descriptions on how to perform them.

Module 4
Includes videos that cover two more phases of 100’s of exercises with pictures and descriptions on how to perform them.

Module 5
Includes videos that cover programs to get you started working out based on your body type.

You will find each module is enhanced with bonus Ebooks and PDF files on 100’s of workouts for using Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Resistance Bands and the TRX. You will also find instructional videos on performing each exercise provided. There are templates for 2, 3 and 4 day programs that you can use with the workouts and lots more to come.

A one year subscription to Biomechanicallyfit.com for $67. It begins with a 7 day free trial and 30 day money back guarantee. Keep in mind that a personal trainer can cost you $50 to $100 per hour or per session. This total package of expert advice is an exceptional value.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

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Trip Tips For A China Vacation

It’s no surprise that travelling to the far-away, beautiful, exotic and historical country of China is at the top of many “bucket lists.” China is a people-filled, cultural mecca of divergent economics, a vast sweeping land with so much to see, it would be impossible to see everything in a single visit. That said, planning a trip there prove to be challenging to even the most seasoned traveller.

Image by The China Travel Company

Image by The China Travel Company

One way to curb some of those challenges is to book your china holidays with The China Travel Company. When you work with an experienced agent, they’ll be able to not only help you plan the trip, but will also work with you in terms of how to keep within your budget and still experience your desired locations.

Once you’ve made the big decision to take that trip to China, you have several options. Since we’ve agree to disavow “just winging it,” you can opt for a planned, self-guided tour, a family tour, one focused on Tibet, a “City Breaks” tour, a private tour, an “off-the-beaten track,” or, one in which you get to go exactly where you want to go, but it is entirely planned for you.

And, you’re in luck!

Fortunately, there are tailor made China tours available. But where should your bespoke tour take you? Here are some tips to make your China Travel, the trip of a lifetime:

  1. Make a decision of the kind of trip you want to take. Of course, one of the first considerations is: who is going on this trip? Will it be a couple of fit folks? Will there be seniors or children? The reason why this is extremely relevant is that there are journeys that may include a good deal of walking, or long bus or car rides. Always keep in mind who will be on the trip and how well (or not) they’ll be able to handle the location and what’s required to fully experience it.
  1. Since you’re putting together a bespoke trip, you’re not beholden to an all-city, all-famous or all adventure vacation. You will be able to “mix-and-match.”
  1. If more than one person is travelling, and, for example, you’ve been assigned to “plan” the trip, don’t make all the choices and then present the other person or the rest of the group with it. Before you even begin, ask everyone to do some research (if they’re old enough to do so; if not you’re probably going to have to choose a trip more geared to them). Ask: What are “must-sees,” “interested,” and “not-at-all” excursions?
  1. Armed with your – and other travellers’ –opinions you can begin your planning.
  1. While you can do some of this yourself, work with a travel agent. Logistics are critical and you want to be sure that you’re visiting locations in an “order” that makes sense.
  1. Yes, you’re the king or queen of your castle, but let’s face it — you’re not the Tsar or royalty, with minions carrying your luggage for you. Anyone who tells you to pack for any possibility hasn’t travelled much. If you know where you’re going, check the average weather for the season. Bring clothes that are packable, with easy-dry undergarments. It truly is easier to travel as lightly as you can, and focus your energies on the excursions and not how to get your luggage up, down or around and where to store it.

Travel smart, travel light. Be considerate to your companions and the people whose country you’re visiting.


JT Style File: Color and Print Galore!

Hi Beautiful People,

JT Style Gem

The weather has been all over the place in Missouri. There’s been snow one week and temperatures in the high 60s the next. When temperatures fluctuate, it is hard to figure out what to wear and still fill season-appropriate. I have seen people wearing, anything from shorts to parkas and there has to be a happy medium.

For those late winter days when it feels more like spring, it is important to dress in layers. It may start out cold; but it can warm up considerably during the day.
In the photo below, I am wearing a washable natural colored suede skirt with a fine cotton cable teal turtleneck sweater and a scarf to add a bit of colorful pizazz. I am looking for a linear look  to make me feel taller, so I finished it off with my Earth boots. However, I could also add a pop of color in my boots.
Layering effect: If I may get a little warm, I could always take the scarf off.

Another version of this outfit, I teamed a fine knit grey turtleneck with a cinnamon sweater, washable natural suede skirt with the colorful print and my Earth ankle boots. I wore this outfit to church and finished it off with my Valentines day gift, the Dooney and Bourke McKenzie Hobo. Do you see how the color is not screaming, I am still taking center stage.
JT Style Files 2

JT Style File
Color and print in the right proportions will add brightness and individuality.

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Song Writing Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Songwriting is a wonderful creative outlet where you can tell your story and express your emotions. Songs can have a significant impact on the emotions of the listener making them feel joy, sadness and adoration. Being able to write a song and see how it can change people’s lives is a fantastic skill to have. The amazing thing about songwriting is that almost anybody can give it a try. So whether you want to create a Christian rap song for an event or have dreams of being the next best thing, here are some tips and tricks you can use.

Carry a notepad and pen with you
Inspiration for your songs can come from anywhere at any time. So always carry a notepad and pen with you so you can write down any lyrics or ideas you think of. Having these ideas documented will be useful as you can refer to them as and when you need them. Some of your ideas may not be right for a song you are currently writing, but they may be just right for one you write in future. It will also help to your organise your thoughts and come up with suitable solutions.


Image link

Write about personal experiences
It’s always better to write about what you know, so you can make your lyrics more sincere and honest. So consider personal experiences you have been through in the past. It could be the loss of a family member, finding love or having your heart broken. You could also write about how your faith saved you from a situation or your thoughts on current affairs in the world. This will bring a unique perspective to your lyrics that will be unlike any other artist or song.

Buy an instrument
As well as writing lyrics you will also need to write some backing music. The best way to do this is to buy an instrument. Pianos and guitars are often popular choices for songwriters as they compliment multiple genres of music. You can use the instruments to learn songs by your favourite artists for some initial inspiration. You can then take what you have learned and experiment with chords and differing keys. Click here and take a look at the wide variety of instruments you could try.


Rewrite your lyrics
Sometimes a song will come together all at once. Other times it might take you a week to complete a verse or line. To get better at songwriting, you will have to rewrite your lyrics time and time again until you are completely satisfied. Remember that your first attempt does not have to be your last. Play your song to your family and friends and listen to their feedback. You could also change around the wording of your lyrics by looking in a thesaurus or dictionary for more unusual words.

The key to successful songwriting is taking your listeners on a journey from beginning to end. Be honest and let your personality shine through each verse. That way your songs will alway be greatly received by an audience no matter how big or small.

What To Wear During an El Nino Winter

Good Evening Beautiful People,

I pray that you have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. After a full week, it has been good to be at home and get some things done around the house. We finally put up the last of our Christmas decorations (don’t judge!) and had a chance to also do some yard work. The weather this week has been wacky, to say the least. The week started off with about three inches of snow last Sunday, with temps around 10 degrees. By the end of the week, the temperatures warmed up into the 60s and 70s; which some rain and thunderstorms on Saturday night. Now, for me, that is too warm and too crazy for February. This is still winter, we shouldn’t be getting such a big range of temperatures.

Thanks to El Nino, this winter has not really been a true winter. It’s been cold and hot, it’s raining and snowing. And sometimes in the same week, for goodness sake. During Christmas, the Gateway City endured historic flooding in much of the area. While in January, the East Coast dealt with a historic blizzard. But wait, doesn’t the East Coast get a historic blizzard every year?!?

With all these temperatures changes and forms a precipitation, what is a girl to wear? Thankfully, I have been living in these types of winter weather conditions for a while now, and I have learned a thing or two. The most important thing is dress in layers and have many great accessories tucked away in the closet that can be pulled out at a moments notice, depending on what the weather is doing at the moment.

One of the wacky things about this year’s weather is that the temperatures can be hovering around zero to ten degrees for a couple of days, and then jump up to the 30s and 40s in just a day. When it is cold like that, I want to make sure that I am protected with warm boots and fury hats. When the winds are blowing and the temperatures are barely above zero, than keeping warm is a necessity. For me, my toes and ears get the coldest the fastest.


Gotta bundle up on those cold and windy days

Winter is meant for snow; but it seems this year we have have been getting more rain. Over the Christmas weekend, we received over five inches of rain in just three days. It’s days like this when you need to be sure you have a strong and sturdy umbrella to keep you dry. You need an umbrella that can withstand strong winds and that has a lifetime guarantee. That is what you get from Crown Coast. I love the automatic feature that allows you to push a button to open and close the umbrella.It retails for $44.95; but can be purchase on Amazon for $18.95

Crown Coast Umbrella available on Amazon

Crown Coast Umbrella available on Amazon

JTwisdom signatureDISCLAIMER:
BubblingWithEleganceAndGrace received the Crown Coast Umbrella at a discounted price in order to write this review.
We received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions are strictly our own.

How To Get Value For Money When Hiring a Tradesmen

If you need some handy work done around the home a tradesman is someone you may want to consider hiring. With this being said, you want to know you are hiring the best and are getting the most value for your money as well. So, how do you go about attaining such goals? These are a few things to keep in mind when trying to hire the right people and trying to get the most bang for your buck when hiring them.

Comparison sites
Using a comparison website prior to hiring a tradesman will prove extremely beneficial. You can compare credentials, the work they do, the quality of services, reviews, and how former clients feel about their workmanship. All of these factors will help you in hiring the tradesman who is not only qualified to do the work you want to hire them to perform, but also ensure you are hiring someone who is fully capable, is licensed, and has all required experience for the tasks you wish to hire them to perform. You can find a tradesman through comparison sites very easily. Most comparison sites offer videos or a step by step guide on how to hire a tradesmen though their site.

Qualifications are critical
Check for credentials. Make sure they have all required licenses, are fully certified, and have been servicing different tasks you wish to hire them to perform for years. The more qualified they are, and the more credentials you can see, the more likely it is that you are hiring the best for different trade tasks and jobs.

Pricing up front
Make sure you know what you are paying up front. From the cost of labour, to the price of parts, services, and any small jobs they are going to perform, make sure you know what things will cost prior to hiring a tradesman. Not only so you find the most affordable prices, but also to get the most for your money and to ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of.

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Top Beauty Skincare Tips: Preparing for Bed

Hi Beautiful People,

We hear so much from the media that we need to cover up beauty so called flaws. Or if you want to get a nip and tuck, you will look younger. Don’t believe the hype! We have to enjoy the skin we are in to appreciate who we are and gain inner confidence. Now listen, if you want to have cosmetic surgery done, I am not judging you. I wanted to share my skincare routine because to me its therapeutic and relaxing.

Plant Stem Cell Therapy

Plant Stem Cell Therapy

JTwisdom’s Skincare before bedtime routine
Having a facial routine keeps my face feeling soft and subtle.

  1. I use a good facial cloth to be able to wash my face and remove my makeup.
  2. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser.
  3. Pat your face dry.
  4. I use cotton swabs and go over my face with my favorite Witch Hazel toner.
  5. I add a couple of drops of Argan oil to my face rubbing in a circular motion.
  6. I pat my eye cream around my eyes for moisture and firmness of my skin.
  7. Add a couple of drops of serum, rub my hands together and apply to my face.
  8. The most important is a good moisturizer. I used Plant Stem Cell Therapy by Made from Earth.  I rub the moisturizer in a circular motion on my neck and face until its fully absorbed. The moisturizer has a fresh scent and has high potency stem cells that are sustainably harvest from the delicate Globularia Cordifolia flower, that keeps the skin looking youthful with a glow.  Some other key ingredients are mango butter and cocoa butter.


  • A proprietary combination of plant stem cells that improve skin tone and luminosity
  • Fights free radical damage and establishes visibly firmed skin
  • Moisturizes with organic aloe vera, raspberry seed and rosehip
  • Renews the surface layer of skin using hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and protein peptides
  • Contains Olive Oil Squalene
Plant Stem Cell Therapy

Plant Stem Cell Therapy

On MadefromEarth.com the Plant Stem Cell Therapy says the product fights the signs of anti-aging.
Things the company says that you will never see in their products:

  • Petrochemicals and Phthalates
  • Parabens (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl)
  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate
  • Diazolidinyl Urea
  • Mineral Oil
  • Cosmetic Fragrance

This is monumental to me that because I can feel good about putting their products on my skin and know the company will not have these ingredients in their products. The Plant Stem Cell Therapy feels good and not greasy and rubs in well.

Skincare works from the inside out, be good to your skin.

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  • Bubblingwitheleganceandgrace.com received this product at a discounted price  to write this review. And opinions are solely ours and are honest.

The Main Online Shopping Catalogues of 2016

You can pay for clothes and gifts in installments when you take out a new credit account with a catalogue company. Here are main online shopping catalogues for 2016.

1. Marisota
An online catalogue that specialises in plus size clothing, Marisota lets you spread the cost of your order and make payments in instalments. You’ll find a broad range of clothes, from T-shirts and top to jeans and jackets, as well as gifts and homeware. The company is one of the leaders in the catalogue industry and excels when it comes to customer service, delivery options and special discounts. Sign up for a new account with the company and you could be entitled to a discount as a new customer. Alternatively, use a promotional code as a new or returning customer for big savings! Marisota will send you a monthly statement with information on your minimum monthly payment.

2. Jacamo
A catalogue designed for men, Jacamo has clothes from big-name fashion brands in sizes not always found on the UK high street, including clothes in 5 XL. Customers can spread payments for their order and access the latest products on the landing page, or use a discount code. With hundreds of clothes to choose from, including shoes and accessories, Jacamo offers an alternative to the British high street, with various finance options. Opening a credit account can be done on the Jacamo website or by phone, with an instant decision given in most cases.

3. Curvissa
Another fashion catalogue that specialises in plus size brands, Curvissa makes catalogue shopping easy, with various finance options, a huge number of products available online and flexible delivery. Opt for the express shipping to have your items delivered to your door quickly and make repayments on the company’s website or when you speak to a member of staff over the phone.

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The Best Destinations For a Couples Getaway

If you want to enjoy a holiday for two, whether it is a weekend retreat or honeymoon destination there are several great places to consider visiting as a couple. Consider a few of these hotspots for couples the next time you are planning a trip for two and want to make the most out of your holiday together. When considering a getaway you should always go on hotel comparison sites to check you are getting a good price on your accommodation.

British tourists love this destination, and with just cause. The smaller island of Gozo is similar to the Maltese islands, and feels like an undiscovered territory as not too many travelers are familiar with it. From Malta, Gozo is a 20 minute ferry ride away, yet feels like thousands of miles away. From renting a private villa for two, to staying in an all inclusive resort hotel, you are sure to enjoy this holiday retreat destination.

St. Martin to be exact is one of the nicest, most exotic island retreats to consider. Le Galion beach is a must visit destination when traveling, ferry rides, and destinations like Pinel island are sure to make for an exotic, romantic trip which you aren’t soon to forget.


Dominican Republic
Punta Cana is another one of the most beautiful, exotic beach retreats you can possibly visit when choosing a romantic holiday retreat for two. Crystal blue waters, Bavaro Beach, golfing destinations, and all inclusive resorts are found on nearly every corner of the amazing island retreat. Although there are dozens of worldwide retreats and destinations for you to consider visiting, for those who want romantic, and exotic tied into one, you can’t go wrong with any of these destinations. Regardless of what time of the year you are planning on taking this holiday retreat for two, the great weather, clear waterways, and amazing views are sure to make for an exceptional holiday getaway for two anytime.

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