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Somaluxe Skincare: Love the Skin you are in!

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Beauty, Review | 0 comments

Hi Beautiful People,

Hope you are having a lovely day.  We are full force in October and the leaves are changing colors and experiencing cool and warm days, all in the same week. During this time of the year, my skin loves moisture and loves feeling soft. I have had an opportunity to experience the Somaluxe brand for the first time. For the last month, I sampled the Somaluxe Argan Oil, the Somaluxe Lip Rescue and the Somaluxe Redness Repair. These three products are wonderful and I recommend adding them to your daily hair and beauty routine.

Somaluxe Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Argan Oil

Somaluxe Argan Oil

This bottle contains only 100% pure oils that feel so good on the skin and it has a very refreshing scent.


Jojoba oil, argan oil, Litsea essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Pink Grapefruit essential oil, Lime essential oil, Ginger essential oil, Rosewood essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Citronella essential oil, Patchouli Dark essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Cinnamon essential oil and Neroli essential oil.

Somaluxe Argan oil

Somaluxe Argan oil

A few drops goes along way, I use it in my hair for moisture. On the label the directions say you can use for frizz and anti- aging benefits. The oil can be applied to damp hair  after shampooing or when hair is dry to added shine. The oil is not greasy and contains no alcohol. This product retails for $22.00 and can be purchased at Lady Soma. If you want to rejuvenate your hair and give it the moisture that it craves, this Argan Oil needs to be in your closet.

Somaluxe Lip Rescue

Somaluxe Lip Rescue

Somaluxe Lip Rescue

This small container offers a big punch. The smooth and rich concoction moisturizes for your lips at the first dab. I take a little amount on my finger and apply to my lips for a instant soothing  feeling. The jar is small enough for me to keep in my purse and I can have it with me anytime my lips feel chapped or dry. With the cold weather coming in, this is  a must have keep your lips form cracking and bleeding. This product retails for $22.99 and can be purchased at Lady Soma.

Lip Rescue II

Lip Rescue II

Somaluxe Redness Repair

The Redness Repair is a targeted moisturizer aimed at helping with redness in the face. I recommend this moisturizer whether you have redness or not. The texture is light and absorbs gently into the skin. The Redness Repair does not smell like it is full of perfume. It contains ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera that hydrate the skin. This product retails for $24.00 and can be purchased at Lady Soma.

I was extremely pleased with the quick results  items from these three Somaluxe products.  I recommend them to anyone who is looking to add effective products at a great price. You may think that the price is high. However, considering you only need a small amount of each to do the job, one bottle and/or jar will last you a long time.

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*Products were sent to, review is our honest opinion.

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Checking Your Pets For Heartworm

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015 in Pets | 0 comments

Our pets rely on us for food, shelter, and more importantly, safety. That’s why we should be on top of anything that ails them. Jordan Walker, the lead content curator of Coops and Cages, shares what heartworms are and how they can be detected.

 Image 1

Heartworms are parasitic roundworms that are spread through mosquito bites. Although generally referred to as dog heartworms, they can also afflict other animals like cats, foxes, wolves, and coyotes. In rare instances, they are also found in humans.

As an owner, can you bear the thought of your beloved pet wasting away because of a parasite in its heart? If not, better follow these measures that would help you detect the presence of heartworms in their body.

Unnatural Exhaustion

There are very limited signs of heartworm infection. Until the larvae grow and mature inside the host’s heart, practically no tell-tale signs can be found. One of the early signs of heartworm infection is unnatural fatigue. That is, if your pet used to be able to maintain a very active lifestyle but can’t now, you may want to have them checked by a vet.

Coughing and Vomiting

The longer the heartworms stay in the heart and lung chambers of the victim, the higher the risk of his vital organs getting damaged. Coughing and vomiting are typical symptoms brought about by heartworm infection. When these symptoms are combined with fatigue, there’s all the more reason to have your pet checked.

Picture 2

Image 2

Picture 3

Image 3

Picture 4

Image 4

Abnormal Lung Sounds

Severe heartworm disease also begets this symptom. If you notice that your pet is producing unusual lung sounds, he needs to be attended by a vet immediately.

Antigen Test

This blood test is administered by veterinarians and is effective in detecting heartworms that are at least five months old. By examining the dog’s bloodstream for proteins called antigens, the vet can verify if there are indeed heartworms. This is because such proteins are released by adult female heartworms in the pet’s bloodstream. However, same reason makes it impossible for the test to detect immature heartworms, because only when these female heartworms become adults that they are able to release this substance.

Microfilaria Test

Another type of test that can be used for parasite detection is the microfilaria test. Yet another product of adult heartworms, microfilaria’s presence indicates that heartworms are thriving and have begun mating inside its host. It usually takes six to seven months for heartworm larva to fully grow into adults.

Picture 5

Image 5

Picture 6

Image 6

Picture 7

Image 7

Make it as a rule to always schedule regular sessions with your vet. While nothing may be wrong, it won’t hurt to have the experts take a look at your pet every now and then. Also, going to the vet often also has numerous other benefits.

Parasites are detrimental to a pet’s health. We should protect our pets if we want them to live long and to the fullest. In return, they’ll reward us with their loyalty and companionship.


Image Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


Author: Jordan Walker

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages as well as a couple of other pet-related blogs. His passion for animals is paired with his love for “attempting” to play the guitar. If you would like to catch more of him, you can visit his Google+ or Twitter accounts.

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Perfect Linens Giveaway

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Around the Home, Giveaway | 7 comments

It’s time for a new giveaway at Katherines Corner
and I am joining in the fun.

One winner will receive-

A Set of Second Skin Sheets from Perfect Linens
(value $200) and $200 Cash!

There is nothing like a great pair of fresh linens for your bed. As the nights turn cooler, there is nothing cozying up to a soft and luxurious set of sheets to make you sleep a baby. Who won’t want to have a great set to sheets to sleep in? And to have some extra cash as well, what a bonus! Check out the giveaway details below.

perfect linens giveaway collage

This months Paypal cash is brought to you by Katherine
and some of her sweet bloggy friends

perfect linens giveaway hostesses

listed in no specific order

Katherine- Katherines Corner

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Angel- Sew Crafty Angel

Angie-Gods Growing Garden

Nina-Vintage Mamas Cottage

Diane- Mamal Diane Keeping Life Simple

Karren – Oh My Heartsie Girl

Linda- Crafts ala Mode

Laurie- My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies

Tamaki- Bubbling With Elegance and Grace

Rachel- Craving Some Creativity

Christine- I Dig Pinterest

LouLou Girls- LouLou Girls

Entering the Perfect Linens Giveaway is easy-

Just log into the entry form using your email address or facebook and get started.

Enter one or all of the entries. Giveaway starts Oct 2 and ends Oct 30th

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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SARGENT: Portraits of Artists and Friends

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in Art | 3 comments

Hi Beautiful People!

 SARGENT: Portraits of Artists and Friends exhibition at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art  will be showing until October 4, 2015.

John Singer Sargent, a celebrated American artist and genius of the nineteenth century, spent most of his life living and training in Europe. Art and illustration was a family heritage for him. Sargent, born in Italy to American expatriates, is known for his oil and watercolor paintings, sketches, and charcoal drawings.

Group with Parasols (Siesta)_72

John Singer Sargent (American, Florence 1856–-1925 London) Group with Parasols (Siesta), around 1904–5 Oil on canvas 22–3/8 × 28–9/16 in. (56.8 × 72.5 cm) Private Collection

Here is an excerpt from the Metropolitan Museum of Art website:

“Throughout his career, the celebrated American painter John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) created exceptional portraits of artists, writers, actors, dancers, and musicians, many of whom were his close friends. As a group, these portraits—many of which were not commissioned—are often highly charged, intimate, witty, idiosyncratic, and more experimental than his formal portraiture. Brilliant works of art and penetrating character studies, they are also records of relationships, influences, aspirations, and allegiances.

Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends brings together ninety-two of the artist’s paintings and drawings of members of his impressive artistic circle. The individuals seen through Sargent’s eyes represent a range of leading figures in the creative arts of the time such as artists Claude Monet and Auguste Rodin, writers Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry James, and the actor Ellen Terry, among others. The exhibition features some of Sargent’s most celebrated full-length portraits (Dr. Pozzi at Home, Hammer Museum), his dazzling subject paintings created in the Italian countryside (Group with Parasols [Siesta], private collection), and brilliant watercolors (In the Generalife, The Metropolitan Museum of Art) alongside lesser-known portrait sketches of his intimate friends (Vernon Lee, 1881, Tate). The exhibition explores the friendships between Sargent and his artistic sitters, as well as the significance of these relationships to his life and art.”

Here are some of my favorites portraits from the Exhibition.

Dr. Pozzi at Home_72

John Singer Sargent (American, Florence 1856–1925 London) Dr. Pozzi at Home, 1881 Oil on canvas 79–3/8 × 40–1/4 in. (201.6 × 102.2 cm) The Armand Hammer Collection, Gift of the Armand Hammer Foundation.    Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

The red robe in this portrait is striking against red background and his hand on his hip expresses that he really is a man of character. Dr. Pozzi also appears very comfortable in front of the canvas.  I wonder what he’s thinking about with those wayward eyes? He looks to be deep in thought.

John Singer SargentAmerican, 1856-1925The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy, 1907Oil on canvas71.4 x 56.5 cm (28 1/8 x 22 1/4 in.)Friends of American Art Collection1914.57The Art Institute of Chicago

John Singer SargentAmerican, 1856-1925 The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy, 1907 Oil on canvas71.4 x 56.5 cm (28 1/8 x 22 1/4 in.) Friends of American Art Collection 1914.57 The Art Institute of Chicago

This relaxing portrait above has such a beautiful backdrop with the trees and the architectural details.
The artist looks intently at her subject while her companion is offering his critics of the work.

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife 1885 Oil on canvas
John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife 1885 Oil on canvas

This interesting portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife gives the impression that the artist is a voyeur and should not be there.
Stevenson’s wife looks like she has other things on her mind then her husband. Stevenson appears to be walking away with a perplexed look on his face and wondering why wife is so uninterested, or maybe why am I, the viewer of the painting, is looking at him.

If you live in the New York area or are planning a trip to the Big Apple, a trip to the Met to see this exhibition needs to be on your to-do list.

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Reflecting on Sixteen Years: Part 1

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in From the Heart, Inspirations | 4 comments

Hi Beautiful People!

Blessings to you!

My hubby and I are celebrating our sixteenth wedding anniversary. He is just as handsome as when we first met as he is right now. We first met at work and we were friends and the friendship blossomed into marriage. Now you think I would create this facade by writing imagery of everything is wonderful and we have the perfect marriage.  Well, I don’t want to bust your bubble; but I want to let you know that no marriage is perfect. The best marriages require two people communicating with each other to make the marriage work.

Me and my hubby at our wedding!

Me and my hubby at our wedding!

The hubby and I learned early on that we had to make the effort to talk to each other and listen to each other. Sometimes I feel I have so much to say and he takes the time to really listen to me. And the most important part of our marriage is putting God first as our center because without Him we know our marriage will not work.

Our Pastor is teaching this month on Believing God.

 I read this morning a Joyce Meyer Devotional and the scripture reference was Joshua 1:5&6
…As I was with Moses, so I will be with you: I will not fail you or forsake you. Be strong (confident) and of good courage.

Believing God in this world is so important because that is where our strength comes from.
I appreciate and am thankful for the man that God has given me as my husband. He serves the Lord, loving, kind, a provider for our family and truly loves me for me.

On our 15th wedding anniversary we travelled to San Francisco and road-tripped to the Four Corners to celebrate. However, this year we planned a staycation for our anniversary. It is special because we are getting to spend quality time with each other.  We have some goals for ourselves and we are planning and spending time with each other is one of them.

 One of the highlights from this year’s staycation has been going to the Japanese Festival, which occurs every year at the Missouri Botanical Garden. However this was our first time that we going. It was such a cool and meaningful experience.

While there, we saw the Kimono fashion show where the models showed designs of various styles of kimono, including some that were over one hundred years old.

Kimono Fashion Show

Kimono Fashion Show

 And, I had the opportunity to see my name written in Japanese and learn the significant meaning. I will write a post on this because it’s so special.

Planning Goals

It is important to create goals so you know where you are going and what things we need to pray about and then cross off of our list once they have been accomplished.


I am reflecting and thanking God for sixteen years of marriage. And In Jesus Name, we have many more prosperous and joyous years Praise God!

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