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White After Labor Day? Yes or No

Yes, you can wear white after Labor day, even if it’s in a print.

JT in black and white dress

JT in black and white dress

My white patent wedges are illuminating and I don’t think it was a really sunny day. The handbag I have is by Sharif and the leather tassel just takes this handbag to another level. Also the sewn on jewels on the handbag adds an exotic touch.

JT in Gucci sunglasses.

JT in Gucci sunglasses.

I really accentuated my look with my gifted Gucci sunglasses. I really like the wide frames and how light they are, My 14Kt earrings work well with the sunglasses and my Italian Lire bracelet simply rocks.



Not wearing white after Labor Day is a myth. Wear white all year long and wear it proud.

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  • Jill

    I am a fan of white after Labor Day! Especially since it’s been so hot in NYC. I just voted for your blog in both categories. Congratulations on the nominations and I hope you WIN! XO, Jill

    • JTWisdom

      Thanks Jill. I won in both categories. Thank you for voting.

  • Claire

    i agree. i’m totally cool with white after labor day. i love that dress and it looks fab with the printed purse!!!

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