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Wordless Wednesday: Go St. Louis Cardinals!

JT in her St. Cardinals hoodie

This is a not so wordless Wednesday; because I wanted to tell my story of how I got such a good deal on this hoodie. I don’t own many hoodies but I wanted a St. Louis Cardinals hoodie to support my favorite team. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Well my hubby and I went to Macys’ about a couple of weeks ago and we were getting him some socks. I just so happen to go to a rack with this hoodie and it was in my size. Meant to be! I was able to get this hoodie for  more than 50% off the retail price.

JT in Cardinal hoodie

For a hoodie it’s not bad at all. I wore it  and felt good  in the shoes. The purchase definitely worth it.


The Cardinals are  playing today so I have to root for my team.




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  • Judy Haughton-James

    Red is one of my favourite colours and this hoodie certainly is beautiful. Features a lovely bird! Have a good Wednesday.

    • JTWisdom

      Thanks Judy, I think the cardinal is a cool bird too.

  • Marina

    You look so pretty and comfy girl. Love.

    <3 Marina

    • JTWisdom

      Thank you Marina.

  • caroline

    great hoodie and that shade of red is so flattering on you. you made an excellent find……..God Bless

    • JTWisdom

      Thank you Caroline, am not usually hoodie person but I couldn’t resist.

  • Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

    you look so cute dressed down! Red is my daughter’s favorite color too :-)

    • JTWisdom

      Thank you Michelle, I really like red too.

  • lawyerdoll

    It’s really hard to look elegant in a hoodie… yet, you pull it off! Life is so not fair… I would look like a pudding in something similar.

    • JTWisdom

      Thanks girl, I really appreciate that compliment. You would not look like a pudding.

  • Katherines Corner

    Oh my friend you look great in everything you wear! Red is a great color on you too. xo

    • JTWisdom

      Thank you Katherine, you are so sweet.

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