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Free Eyeglasses From!

I had the privilege of being asked by Firmoo to receive a free pair of glasses of my choice from its website. I am giving my honest opinion in this review.   You ask, “What is Firmoo?” is an online optical store that has incredible prices that knocks other eyeglass chains out the park.

“Vision and Fashion the Frugal way.”

I have paid hundreds of dollars, even with my insurance plans. I quite skeptical of the quality; but I said to myself, “why not give it try.” I checked out the website and the selection of frames were very attractive and stylish. On the website you can get either prescription or non-prescription glasses or sunglasses.  I decided to get a pair of single vision prescription glasses. I gave them my eyeglass prescription; but I did not give them my PD number. This number is very important because it is measurement of my pupil distance. You can measure your own pupil distance or get that number from your eye doctor.  My hubby and I measured ourselves the distance of my pupils, it was easy. I emailed in my measurements and I waited the glasses in the mail. I was not sure how long it would take. I was thinking maybe a couple of weeks because that is typically how long it has taken in the past with other glasses that I had ordered.

However, the eyeglasses arrived in the mail three days later. This is what I received in the package. The eyeglasses, the hard case and soft case, replace nose guards, polishing cloth, screws and a tightener.

I wanted to try on the glasses as soon as I knew that it was my package from Firmoo. The frames that I chose have a cool detail on the sides. They are very comfortable and fit really well.  I have never purchased glasses online before. I am a believer that getting glasses without the help of your eye doctor really works. All you really need is your prescription information provided by your doctor.

When you go to, you can use the try-on feature to see how the glasses will look on your face. You can upload your own photo to find a frame that looks good on your face. The prices are reasonable; but also stylish and very on trend. Every new customer can get a free pair of glasses and all that you have to pay for is the shipping. It’s pretty amazing!

I am so happy with my complimentary pair that I will be back for another choice. Check out the site because you get a Firmoo free pair if you are a first time customer, all you have to pay for is the shipping.

Thank you for the opportunity, the eyeglasses are awesome.

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  • Lisa Walter

    Pretty glasses…they look perfect for you!

    • JTWisdom

      Thank you Lisa, I am really happy with the frames.

  • Jay

    Cute as ever!

    • JTWisdom

      Thanks Jay.

  • lawyerdoll

    Wow! I like these sooo much better than the Warby Parker ones that all the bloggers get so excited about. Me likey mucho!

    You top is wicked cool, also….

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  • Ahka Vintage

    They look great on you! I’ve just placed my order with Firmoo – can’t wait to see how mine are on!

  • Blue Hue Wonderland

    Love your glasses, they look great on you!

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