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Fancy for Toile



I am fancying some toile today because it just reminds me of a summer breeze.

I love wearing toile and using toile in my home decor. It’s so versatile and vintage.

I have had this toile dress for almost five years and I bought it from on sale for less than $12.00. My sheer white blouse is vintage; this was my mother’s blouse. This is the first time I have worn this blouse with this dress and the first time I have worn the dress this summer. This dress was hid in my closet. So what is old is new again. I was thinking, “I have this toile dress in my closet; but I don’t see it. Wait, Wait! There it is.” Do you have items in your closet that you can’t find because they may be tightly pressed against another outfit?

Charm by Nolan Miller and Necklace was a gift

I wear this charm and necklace with so many different outfits and I always get so many compliments on it. The charm is from Nolan Miller and I bought help raise money for cancer research.
My bracelet is a southwestern piece with many different natural stones from turquoise to tigers eye.

If you noticed I have pink and turquoise nail polish. I tried something a little different and painted one nail on each hand a different color than the rest. The pink nail polish is from ProStrong and the turquoise nail polish is called Empire from Tarina Tarantino.

I love to layer bracelets with my watch. I say load them up. The more the merrier. I am all about adding a pop of color.
That is where my pink LifeStride sandals come in, a pop of color takes your outfit to another level. Flats can be cool and chic.

Purse info:
Dooney and Bourke (This is one of my favorite purses).

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  • Angie

    I absolutely adore that dress!! It is gorgeous :)

    • JTWisdom

      Thank you Angie I was not always fond of this silhouette of this dress but I am liking it now.

  • Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

    Ok so there are so many things I like where to begin:

    The necklace with the heart
    Your nails
    Your hair
    Your blog’s redesign lol

    I’m not much of a floral or print person but it looks good on you.

    • JTWisdom

      Thanks Michelle,

      I still have some things to do on my blog but don’t we bloggers always do stuff on our blogs.LOL!

      Thank you so much girl, I appreciate your sweet comments.
      You know I like a lot of color but not to much in to the big flowers but I have to try stuff on and see how it looks on me and I find some things that work so I don’t rule out anything until I try it on and do the 360 twirl to see if it looks right.

      • Michelle

        :-) Yes we are always making changes. I really am trying to do less and stay consistent.

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