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Wonderful Snow!

The Backyard - Photo by JT

Freshly fallen snow is so peaceful and beautiful at the same time.  I love when the snow flurries gently touches my face and disappears in an instant.

This year’s winter weather in Missouri has been reminiscent of what winters used to be like when I was a little girl. It actually snowed here last week. That snow was almost gone before it was predicted for it to return this evening.  It’s amazing how there is no evidence of snow early in the evening. Once I settled in for the night, ate dinner and happen to look out the window a winter wonderland appeared.

Photo by JT

Freshly fallen snow at night looks like dancing diamonds. That’s the jewelry lover side of me kicking in. Oh my!

Forest Park - Photo by JT

This picture above was taken after the snowfall last week in Forest Park next to the golf course.

Snow reminds me of when I was a child and loved to play in it with my doggies.  I guess even though I am an adult I feel like a child because when the snow falls I still love running around in it with my doggies. Some things never change.

"Vinny" - Photo by JT

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  • Courtney

    I wish it was snowing where I live!

    • JTWisdom

      I wish it was snowing in your area too. This is really beautiful, hasn’t snowed like this in years.

  • Kristin & Megan

    Those shots are absolutely beautiful! I’m with Courtney…I wish it was snowing here!

  • Kelly

    Gorgeous pictures! Sometimes I miss the snow… But then I remember shoveling and scraping… haha

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s!

  • Diane @ BeStillaMinute

    Beautiful snow pics! And your doggies are precious. Thanks for visiting me today. :)

  • leia

    Oh the snow is so very pretty!

  • Tanvi

    It looks glorious! Snow is also pretty … Except when I have to walk on it … and I slip! 😛 Hehe Great to find your blog. Thanks for commenting on Leia’s Guest Post :)

  • Lise

    Hi I have just discovered your blog!! This pictures are beautiful! I hope that you can visit my blog.

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