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The Well Dressed Midwest VIP Blogger Lounge

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Blogging / Technology, Fashion | 1 comment

JT at VIP Blogger Event

Saint Louis Fashion Week started in full force with The Well Dressed Midwest VIP Blogger Lounge event.
This exclusive opportunity for bloggers to meet with local businesses was a wonderful experience. From gourmet chocolate, to all-natural skin care, to footwear and haircare. I was honored to be invited and given the chance to learn more about these companies and even purchase their products.

Here are some of the companies that were at the event.

Blissoma is an all-natural, plant-based skin care line that produces its products in downtown St. Louis. The prices are very affordable. I purchased a spray deodorant and two moisturizers. I will be writing a review of those products in the near future.



 Vogue Footwear shoes are designed in St. Louis. The styles are on trend, affordable and stylish. It was cool to see that they also have a young girls line.  Their shoe lines can be purchased at ZAPPOS, DSW, online retailers and at department stores throughout the country.

Vogue Footwear

These ladies from KINK salon were so nice. I asked if they style natural hair and I heard a resounding yes. They shared a leave-in moisturizer spray that smelled great and adds a little sparkle to my hair. It was not being sold at the event; but if I wanted purchase it I could get it at one of the salon.

Ladies of KINKS Salon

JT with the Stylists of KINKS Salon

All sorts of vendors that night.

Vendors and bloggers

Vendors and bloggers photo by JTwisdom

The Foundrie offers a wide range of handmade products, including jewelry in brass and leather with stamped lettering.

Gourmet Pizza Photo by Alive Magazine

The Foundrie

The event was held at the Scape Restaurant in the Central West End, which provided food for the evening. The gourmet pizzas were delicious.


Gourmet Pizza: Photograph Alive Magazine

To end the night off with a smile, won the Zettie’s gift basket of delicious cashew white chocolate and dark chocolate toffee, a Zettie T-shirt and coffee mug. The chocolate is oh-so good and yummy. Can’t wait to get a chance to write about it more.

Ms. Zettie's Gift Basket

Zettie’s Gift Basket

The swag bag included a copy of Alive Magazine, brochures, coupons,  swimwear chlorine cleaner in a green drawstring bag and a beverage container.

Swag bag

Swag bag

It was a great night but we couldn’t stay late because we had to go to work in the morning.
The Well Dressed Midwest VIP Blogger lounge was a step up and I know that it will continue to be better each time this event is held.

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St. Louis Fashion Week VIP Blogger Lounge Recap

Posted by on Apr 12, 2014 in Blogging / Technology, Fashion | 2 comments

Hi Elegant Readers,

On Thursday evening, I went to an exclusive St. Louis Fashion Week VIP Blogger Lounge at the Scape Restaurant in the Central West End. My hubby, co-contributor, Jay really did not know what to expect because this was our first time being at a local blogger event. 15 vendors and 50 bloggers were invited to attend this exclusive event.  This was a chance for hubby and I to get to know some of the brands in our local community and get a feel for how they envision their business by collaborating with bloggers.

At events like this I always make sure I have plenty of business cards and press kits handy.

Doors opened at 6pm. Jay and I were a little early so we checked in. I had time to take a picture of this awesome Chihuly artwork that was located in the lobby of the restaurant.  We then walked around for a little bit and then we went back upstairs to attend the event.

Chihuly artwork

The first vendor that we talked to was Heather Krako of Bellestyle. Heather is a jewelry designer who has designed jewelry for Los Angeles fashion week, St. Louis Fashion Week, Good Morning America, Glamour and many more. She beautiful pieces are in high demand.  She was very informative about her inspirations and how it truly is a joy for her to create because she is a talented artist.  Please look at her jewelry pieces on

She was so kind that she gave each blogger a free bracelet and a 40% discount on a purchase of any of her items.  I chose this one that has a crown charm as my free bracelet.
I purchase a Arizona Turquoise and  silver necklace that is beautiful and elegant, but oh so chic.


Next we talked with Kate Duryea, the owner of the newly opened Dimvaloo Active Living. In her store, she exclusively carries Australia’s Premier Activewear label. I was able to talk to her about the creator of the activewear Lorna Jane and how the fabric doesn’t pill, durable and last for years.

Dimvaloo top and pants to my left

I will definitely look into this line because its a plus to find activewear that is good quality and sustainable.  She was very kind and informative and I am interested in trying out the active wear.


Soft Surroundings

We stopped at the Soft Surroundings booth and was given coupons and a sample of the Aya Blu fragrance.
I had a my iPad with me so I could show them how I styled a recent post with two skirts from Soft Surroundings. Thank the Lord for having a hotspot it helped so much with showing my blog. They didn’t have any of their clothes at the event, however the latest catalog was available for the taking. 

Soft Surroundings ayablu

Soft Surroundings ayablu


This company has the American dream written all over it. Andrea Robertson, CEO of Triflare created a company that designs active wear for Triathletes. She recently landed a contract to design the swimsuits for the synchronized swimmers at the 2016 Olympic Games.  She was award a $50,000 arch grant to start up her company and Alive magazine wrote an article about her and her company.  She was so informative about her line and that the company is eighteen months old, so everything write now is so exciting.

Her designs are so cool. When my hubby and I talked with her, she discussed how she works with another designer that use to work at Boeing and specialized in mapping .  Her expertise balances out the designs in a swimsuit. This important part of Triflare can make you look slimmer or give you curves, if you need them, it’s all in mapping. This designer tidbit works across the board to give the illusion of looking slimmer of adding curves if you need them.


Triflare suits

 I work out and would love to get one of this suit. Robertson is working on moving her business to St. Louis and I can’t wait.  I know she is designing mainly for triathletes; but I can see a work out collection in the horizon.

TriFlare bag She gave me and the other bloggers who stopped by her display a great bag with a bold pattern, just like her suits.

This post will be in two parts, so stay tuned.

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Labato Black Sport Style Case for iPad3 Review

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014 in Blogging / Technology | 0 comments

Happy New Year Elegant Readers!

I pray that 2014 is the best and that you are showered with much joy, happiness and prosperity. I cherish you for taking the time to read my blog and hugs to all of you!

The case is so slim-lined and easy to maneuver. It has a very modern designed stand that works well for desktops, dressers or tables.

Snugg case

Labato gave me the opportunity to try out a stand for my iPad3 and also included a screen protector. I decided to try it out with me working out with the Zumba app (see I am in the lower right hand corner working out with Beto).

Snugg while working out with the Zumba app

The Labato stand is great if I am working out, I can use it watching videos and movies that I have downloaded to the iPAD. I can also use the stand if I am working at my desk and I am listening to music via one of the many Internet radio stations or music apps.

The Labato stand can be bought from Amazon by clicking here!

Zumba working out

Keep it moving.JT working out

Here is a view of me working out with the Labato case on my dresser.

Labato case on dresser

I have been recuperating from a head cold. I have not worked out much over the holidays because I had not been feeling 100%, but praise God I am getting better. My hubby and I are extending the Christmas holiday for a little while longer. The tree will stay up and the decorations will not come down until the end of the month. For me, Christmas is not just about the day; but it is a season of joy and happiness that should be extended into the new year.

JT working out

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Review: Labato 360 Degree Protective Stand Smart Cover Leather Case Lbt-IPD-03H80

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Blogging / Technology | 0 comments

Hello Elegant Readers,

I actually  saw snowflakes in the air today. I love the holiday season. And what better time to get a cool iPad case.

I was asked by Labato to review its iPad case for my iPad 3.
The case is sleek and smooth, and very colorful. My iPad securely snapped right into the case and it stayed in place. It is reassuring that my device will not wiggle around inside the case and that it would not fall out. An iPad is pricey investment, and I want to make sure that it is safe. The Labato case provides that reassurance for me.

Another added benefit is when the flap goes down over your iPad, it immediately shuts off to conserve the energy. Why waste the battery life when I am not using it?

Automatic shut off iPad case

For that on-the-go person, the Labato’s small footprint makes the iPad easy to travel with. In the photograph below, you can see that the case fits easily into my Dooney and Bourke handbag. If carrying an extra bag for your iPad is not an option, then putting this case into your handbag will help you with that.

If you are not using any case for your iPad because you think that cases are too expensive, then this Labato case can provide you with the protection you need at price that you can afford.
It is an economical way add some extra style and color to your iPad.

iPad case
The Labato iPad case is streamlined, it does not take up a lot of space. It is also budget-friendly and a great way to add a slick look.

Check out the Labato iPad cases at these online retail stores:




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Product Review: Snugg iPad PU Leather Case Cover with Built-in Keyboard

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Blogging / Technology | 0 comments

Hi Elegant Readers,


I recently was asked by The Snugg to review one of its products. I chose the Snugg iPad PU Leather Case Cover with Built-in Stand and Keyboard in black.

I really did not know what to expect so I was anticipating receiving it because iPAD covers with keyboards can be quite expensive. I am really excited to receive the iPad cover with the keyboard for review.

JT hold iPAD Case



I wanted to show how the keyboard is set up  and how it sits on your lap if you are sitting in a chair or on the couch. The keys are so smooth and feels good when my fingertips touch the keys.

The Snugg

I had to charge the keyboard before I could use it.  A USB cord comes with the case so it makes it easy to charge it. It took maybe a couple of hours to charge. After the keyboard is charged I followed the directions to pair the keyboard with the case and it was ready to use.


The case that holds the keyboard is portable and the iPad piece can be taken off  because it is secured by velcro can be rotated to be portrait.  When I put it back to horizontal I had to make sure the camera on the iPad is line up correctly. I don’t know if I would use it in the portrait way often, but it is nice to have an option.

iPAD PU Leather keyboard case

iPAD PU Leather keyboard case

The footprint of the case is good. My friend liked the case so much she is planning to purchase one. I have had people inquire abut the keyboard and really like how it looks how easy it is to use.

I recommend the Snugg iPAD PU leather case with wireless keyboard it retails for $49.99. The design is sleek, the keyboard is really user friendly  and not hard to use, automatic shut-off and cover for security. I will continue to use it and give you an update on a pretty cool project.


Thank you Snugg for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

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St. Louis Fashion Week Blogger Awards

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Blogging / Technology, Fashion | 11 comments

What a night on the rooftop of the 360 Restaurant in the Hilton at the Ballpark in Downtown St. Louis.

Hostesses and some of the STLFW Award winners

Hostesses and some of the STLFW Award winners

The event was packed and everyone was having a lot of fun.

360 Rooftop Hilton Downtown hotel

360 Rooftop Hilton Downtown hotel

Sara Stallmann of Alive Magazine said,



The blog nominees and a guest were given comp tickets to the event.  Of course, I invited my hubby to attend with me and we had a good time.

-Bubbling With Elegance and Grace won two awards in the People’s Choice Category:

Best Newcomer Award Winner 

Best Personal Style Award Winner 

*The Official winners were selected by the 7 panel judges.

The People’s Choice Award winners received flowers and some of the official award winners received a bottle of Skinny Girl. 360 was serving  hor doeurves and cocktails,  I didn’t drink any alcohol at this event because personally I don’t drink so water and lemon for me.

Anyhoo, I am so excited!

JT acceptingSTLFW People's Choice Blogger award for Best Personal Style

JT accepting STLFW People’s Choice Blogger award for Best Personal Style

The night was grand and I am extremely honored. I accepted my awards in a dress my Madisonleigh, Black Shirt Jacket by Anne Klein, and black platform wedges by Vince Camuto.  I so really heart the floral pattern with the black borders of the dress, one of my favorites. My jewelry is 100% Natural wood handmade earrings, R.J Graziano bracelets, turquoise ring by Carolyn Pollack, and Isaac Mizrahi ceramic pink watch. My handbag is my Kathy Van Zeeland.


 The rooftop restaurant had a cool breeze and was a really awesome spot, high above the Saint Louis skyline. You can watch the Cardinals play in the stadium from the 26th floor.


Here’s another view.


After the event my hubby went downstairs to get my bag.

The bag is great for groceries. Some complimentary flip flops, Bronx notepad, coaster, a $25 gift card from Bronx shoes, and a catalog. I will have to take a look at the bronx shoes catalog.

2013-09-22 20_Fotor_Collage

And like a princess, my husband open the door to our carriage ( Jeep door) and we rode off into the sunset after the event giggling and celebrating the whole way.

I personally would like to thank everyone from the depths of my heart who voted for me. I am so joyful and overabundance of blessings to all!

JT with her eyes closed.

JT with her eyes closed.


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