Depression is a word that is being brought into the spotlight more and more everyday as we become more in tune with mental health and emotional awareness. Being depressed can make you feel like you are helpless, unworthy and unable to participate in everyday society. It’s not something that anyone can fix for you, as depression is something that blooms in different ways for different people. The important thing to know is that you are not helpless. You are not unworthy, and you are able to participate, if only you are willing to fight back against the black cloud over you.

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Trying to find remedies for depression that don’t include a cocktail of medication isn’t always easy, as medication is the go-to fix for doctors and professionals. The thing is, not everyone likes being medicated. Sure, you can feel less depressed for the tablets that you are taking, but you can also end up with side effects that are far worse than the depression that you felt in the first place. If medication is out of the question for you, then you need to consider natural remedies that will change your life. We’ve listed three natural depression remedies to help you to combat depression and give you a piece of your life back.

National Service Animal Registry. It may not have been something that you have considered before, but an emotional support animal is probably one of the best natural depression remedies there is. Getting an emotional support animal registered is important and the benefits are simply amazing. Not only can you rely on your emotional support animal for your well being, you can bring them with you wherever you go. Depression can make you feel numb, as if you cannot feel, but a dog or other pet specifically trained for your emotional health is there to help break through to those feelings while giving you a companion to rely on.

Exercise. Whether you choose to get a support dog or not, you still need to get outside and into the fresh air. Depression makes you lock into a box in your mind; you can see and hear, but you are numb and cannot connect to those around you. Being outdoors in the elements can force your body to connect with your surroundings while releasing endorphins. Those feel-good hormones have a lot to answer for and you can help to encourage your brain to rewire itself.

Sleep. Have you found that your depression makes you want to stay in bed all day? Taking advantage of that by sleeping as much as you can will help. Get yourself into a solid bedtime routine, where you would be able to help yourself relax into a decent night of shut-eye.

These are not exhaustive ways to dig yourself out of the hole of depression, there are plenty of others out there that would also help. The trick is to find out what will work for you and stick at it. Depression isn’t like a cold, where you sneeze into a tissue that can be thrown away. Give yourself time to heal and go natural with your remedies.

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