Highlights: Joyce Meyer Ministries Love Life Conference

Hello Beautiful people,

The 2017 Love Life Conference with Joyce Meyer was an awesome experience. A friend was attending the event and I thought that it would be good for me to go with her. After the three-day conference, I felt encouraged and uplifted by the powerful messages and praise and worship music. I always want to be better in every area of my life.

All that Glitters Michael W. Smith Opening Song

The conference brought together 26,000 women from all over the United States and across the world. The musical guests at the event were Chris Tomlin for the opening night, Michael W. Smith (pictured above with confetti in the air, singing his new song on an upcoming album on the second day), and CeCe Winans on the last day. It was like going to a concert.

Images of the conference

The doors opened at 8:00am for the morning sessions, so my friend and I had to get up extra early so we could be there in plenty of time. My handy backpack was ideal because I had everything I needed in one spot.

Love Life Joyce Meyer Conference

The speakers were Joyce Meyer, Dave Meyer, Joel Olsteen, John Gray and Ruth Graham.
This conference celebrated the enjoyment of living life to the fullest. I needed those words because sometimes I don’t feel I am special. I constantly remind myself that I am unique and God loves me.

Highlights of Speakers

The lines were long in downtown St. Louis getting into the conference. My friend and I waited in line to get into Sugarfire Restaurant between sessions. However, everyone was nice and cordial, so the wait was not bad at all. Somewhat hot and humid day; but it was not bad.

SugarFire Restaurant

After waiting in line for an hour and a half to get into Sugarfire Restaurant the smoked turkey breast and fries was worth the wait.


One of my favorite highlights of the conference was the Dream Center Mens’ Choir. They sung, “I Am Redeemed,” by Big Daddy Weave. These men have dealt with various addictions, and they have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and singing how their lives have been changed. It was a moving moment.

Love Life Conference Haul

I have some reading to do after picking up some items from the conference. I even found an inspirational bracelet.

My Love Life Haul

I am glad I was able to attend the Love Life Conference because this is the last time it will be in St. Louis, MO. I didn’t know that initially going to the event.The conference next year will be in Tampa, Florida.

Giveaway Winner: Same Kind Of Different As Me

Good Evening Awesome People!

I hope your week is off a fantastic start.
We are here tonight to announce the winner of our recent giveaway.

In collaboration with LEV3L Digital, we are giving away two tickets to see the new movie SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME.

Starring Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, and Jon Voight; the movie touches on how acts of kindness can change the world of people that we come in contact with every day. We all need a second chance, for various reasons. We can all share acts of kindness to people we are close to; or to complete strangers. Take a look at the trailer for a sneak peak about the movie.

Same Kind of Different As Me opens in Theaters on this Friday, October 20th.
For more about the movie, click here.

And the winner of the giveaway is

Ronald O.

Congratulations, Ronald! We will be in touch with you about getting the tickets to you.
Thanks again for everyone who entered.

FTC Disclosure:
To write this preview and offer the giveaway on Bubbling With Elegance And Grace, we will receive two tickets to see the movie for ourselves. We received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed about the movie are our own.

How To Find An Affordable Ring Without Sacrificing Quality

Are you hearing the chime of wedding bells? Or perhaps it’s the sound of the jeweller’s cash register? We all know that weddings are expensive affairs, and since the rings can be a substantial part of the price tag, couples may prefer to look for more affordable engagement rings. The good news is, you really can save money without sacrificing the quality of your rings. Below, we discuss a few tips on how to buy an affordable engagement ring that is just as romantic and eye-catching.

  1. Take Your Time Choosing

Finding the perfect ring can take time. In fact, it can take weeks! If you want to find something special for an affordable price, taking your time to make a decision can make a difference. By giving yourself ample time to shop for engagement rings in NZ only at Diamonds.co.nz, you will be able to find a style you love and have the time to compare prices and variations.

  1. Shop Online

In general, engagement rings can cost as much as 20% less when you buy them online. Online retailers have far fewer overheads which means they can pass their savings onto their valued customers. What’s more, online jewellery stores have more styles to choose from, as they don’t have to stock inventory for people to come in and view.

  1. Consider a Package Deal

Many engagement rings come with matching wedding bands, and many jewellers tend to offer a discounted price if you buy the entire set at once. Don’t even hesitate to take advantage of these offers, and perhaps even ask if the jeweller will sell you the man’s wedding band at a discount, too.

  1. Get Creative with the Metal

When it comes to engagement ring materials, we all know the classics, but platinum and gold can break the bank for many people, so you might want to consider the budget-friendlier options. Tungsten and titanium, particularly, have grown in popularity because they are more affordable and look amazing. Both metals are scratch-resistant and durable, and titanium is actually hypoallergenic.

If you do want a metal that resembles platinum, consider cobalt chrome or Argentium silver. The silver is sterling silver alloy with traces of germanium which bolsters its durability. The cobalt chrome offers a shimmering silver shade that will maintain its tone without needing to be re-plated.

  1. Shop During the Holidays

Point number one was about taking your time to pick a ring. After all, the more time you give yourself to find a gorgeous engagement ring at a budget-friendly price, the better your chances of shopping at peak discount times.

You no doubt know about Cyber Monday and Black Friday during the month of November, but even Christmas is a great time to shop for engagement rings. Most jewellers run specials and discounts right after Christmas, so be on the lookout for great deals.

These tips should help you on your journey to find the ideal engagement ring at a great price without having to sacrifice quality at all. Happy shopping!

Bring The Noise To Your Own Music Festival

So in the summer, a lot of us like to buy tickets to any music festival we can find, and then have a good time surrounded by ravers, misheard lyrics, and those cheap cups of beer. It’s a great summer experience to have, but the fact that all the festivals are crammed together whilst the sun streams overhead often means we’re sweaty, uncomfortable, and there’s no time. So why not bring the party to your own living room? For the autumn, just before Halloween rocks up and we’re lost to the spooky skeletons in our backyards, hold your own music festival to bring family and friends together for a taste of the warm summer. Here’s a few ideas how!

Use Karaoke to Good Effect
Karaoke means we can all have a good sing along with our mates, or make fun of them for picking a stupid tune or missing a particularly hard high note. Let everyone who attends get the chance to act like a real popstar and have a karaoke machine behind a curtain.

Set up a microphone and mini stage in the corner of the room by cordoning off an area usually by the windows. This can be done with some different coloured carpet, which you can get cheaply via places such as Amazon, or with some rope or wire you have in a shed. Similarly, use fairy lights to good effect and drape them over your cordoning material to give the atmosphere that real flowery aesthetic.

Try Out a Taste of the Vintage
There’s nothing like a bit of 60s crooning to remind you of the stereotypical ‘summer of love’ vibe that’s resurging recently. Why not use some vinyls to induce this feeling in your party? Literally everybody will enjoy thinking back on the top hot pop star of the period, and that David Bowie track is timeless!

Try using vinyl records to have a quiet or jazzy spell in between the big numbers you’ve got lined up. If you don’t have a record player, that’s fine! Vinyl players are more popular than ever, so check out the internet for where to buy them. When it comes to knowing what turntable you might need to invest in, as there’s quite a few differences amongst brands, you can read everything on this page as a handy guide.

Serve at Your Own Bar
Use your kitchen as the catering area of the festival, but without any of the mess. Set up your own bar with either collapsible tables or a breakfast nook if you’re lucky to have one. Them mix together whatever cocktails people like, and there’ll be plenty of drink available to sneak some in between customers.

Print out tokens the night before and hand then out to guests when they arrive, and have your own bona fide economy system! Just like an oscars themed party, but a little more fun!

Hold on to a little of that summer loving this fall season with your own music festival.

Happy National Handbag Day!

Happy Day Beautiful People,

Happy National Handbag Day!

I think this holiday should be celebrated the whole week, not only a day. How can you limit the celebration for just one day? I know that I cannot.

My handbag enjoyment started as a small child. It is all my mother’s fault. She purchased a handbag to go with my Easter outfit. It was a time where crochet gloves and handbags were a necessity for a special occasion outfit or for a holiday. They were not expensive bags, however they were pretty and I always thought it finished my look. My outfit was never complete without a handbag.

While in college my main bag was my backpack because I needed something to be on the go, and carry all of my textbooks at one time. When I got married, I started looking at bags differently. I wanted quality and longevity, a bag that would take the test of time and age gracefully.

My first prestige handbag was a Dooney and Bourke cross body. It was a splurge for me at the time; but my hubby gave it to me for my birthday and I have never looked back.

National Handbag Day

A handbag adds class and style to my different looks whether dressed for a day at the office or going to see a movie with the hubby.


Nonsensical Jargon Every Fashionista Needs To Know

Oh fashion, how we love and loathe you so, you gorgeously addictive cross to bear. That’s right, a cross to bear. You see, people think being born with an unhealthy addiction to all things fashion is a blessing that bears no curse. If only that was the case. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It requires having a constant finger on the pulse, keeping up with trends that come and go quicker than most Game Of Thrones characters and learning the language with the same attention to detail you had to have when learning Spanish in high school.


Yes, it has its rewards, treating every day as a fashion show and seeing the world as your catwalk, but it requires time and effort. That said, it is a responsibility much bigger than the individual. This is because about the new styles, latest innovations and which designers are doing what is what keeps the wheel of fashion spinning; it is what allows us to pick new outfits and recycle old ones; it is what allows us to climb the ranks of Instagram until thousands of unknowns double-tap our every upload, inspired by our style.

But of all the challenges that accompany the world of fashion, it is staying up to date with the glossary of terms that is the hardest to do. Oh, yes, for every new fad and every unique trend, with it comes a new word, and it is your job to know exactly what is meant. In the same way your brain can tell you that “Vamos a la fiesta” means “let’s go party,” your brain needs to know what frosting, sock boots, jorts, normcore and chicken cutlets mean before you get left behind in conversation, scrambling to decipher the context and why people are laughing in unison.

So, without further ado, here are this latest batch of nonsensical fashion jargon you need to pick up, even if it just for fun (like our -thus far – tongue in cheek blog post). Enjoy procrastinating.

Term: Jorts
Definition: This portmanteau made up of “jeans” and “shorts” has become fashion’s most marmite invention of recent years (probably since that meat dress worn on the red carpet). They are also one of the few trends that transcend genders having become a staple diet for both men and women, irrelevant of the backdrop. Now, don’t get us wrong, we believe that Daisy Dukes will always have a place in fashion. Always. However, it is the time and place that is important. As for men, choosing the right pair of jorts is an art and not an easy one at that. Nonetheless, the jort is one of the terms that every fashion-addict needs to add to their vernacular.

Term: Frost Yourself
Definition: It’s hard to describe this in any other way than to coat yourself in statement jewelry, the kind that is coated in so many diamonds it sparkles like an African night sky, the kind that you can buy from www.frostnyc.com. It could be a diamond encrusted pendant necklace that lifts your outfit, or a pair of earrings, a big and bold bracelet or just a chain so exuberant you’d see 50 Cent stop, pause, nod, smile and then phone his jeweler. For some people, bringing attention to your wealth in this manner is unneeded, for those that want to lead a life of Kardashian-level glamor, however, there is nothing that will get all eyes on you quite as effectively as, well, this kind of bling.

Term: Sock Boot
Definition: The sock boot is climbing the ranks faster than a Taylor Swift latest release and hits your halfway up the calf and features a rather delicious pointed toe. How you rock these is completely up to you. It could be that you simply roll up your jeans and wear these out to the club with a nice top, or you could just rock ‘em with a pair of Daisy Dukes (yup, the very same as the ones we mentioned above. If you still have no idea what we are talking about, then just Google Hailey Baldwin of Gigi Hadid, click the images button and start focussing on their footwear. It is still early days for this trend, but we believe it could hang around for a few years yet, which is what makes it so worth learning this term and remembering exactly what it means.


Term: Chicken Cutlets
Definition: Just to get this cleared up nice and early, when we mention chicken cutlets in a fashion context, we are not talking about a form of frozen poultry that you can pick up from Whole Foods (or wherever you do your grocery shopping). It is important you learn this for the sake of saving face. You see, in a fashion context, the term chicken cutlet means silicone pads and they are used to cover up your nipples on days that lean more toward the chilly side of proceedings. Of course, there is never just one word for something in English, so if you hear the term pasties, gel pads or even nipple covers, these all refer to the same thing. In terms of ownership, they could change your life, especially if you are quite, how do we say, weather sensitive.

Term: Ear Jacket
Definition: The ear jacket has fallen on the world of fashion in the same way you fall to sleep: slowly, and then all at once. You see, these pieces of jewelry have become a staple addition to jewelry boxes the world over in the past few years. What distinguishes these from other earrings is the three-parts to them, as you can see at Asos.com. There is the stud at the front, a middle piece that you attach – one that hangs below the stud – that hugs the earlobe, and then the fastener that goes on the back, securing it in place. These really are the must-have accessory at the moment, a subtle piece that can really make an outfit pop. So, next time you see someone wearing a set, compliment them on their ear jackets and, if they look at you with a blank expression, educate them and then walk off with a sassy strut.

Term: Bum Bag
Definition: We call them fanny packs, but the Brits call them bum bags (which is because the word fanny means something quite different over there). If you are still lost, then it is worth thinking back to all those holidays you had in the 90s because the bum bag would have been a must-have accessory that your dad wore around his waist at all times. To Disney World, on the beach and even around the city. However, this once laughable addition has made an unexpected comeback, especially within girls fashion (although there are some guys that are using them to cheat their way to a Dad Bod. Don’t ask). Pull it to the side so that it is on your hips, tuck it around the back, use it to break up an outfit, whatever suits you. Then just put all your bits inside and off you go.

Term: It
Definition: If you have ever been to South Africa, then you will have come across the term, “Lekker,” which can be used to describe just about anything so long as it is positive. That is exactly same when it comes to the term “it”. You can It Girls, it Handbags, It Shoes, It Suits, It Sleeves, It Grills and just about anything else that is on trend right now. That is what it means. The word “It” in fashion simply means something that is on-point, on trend or popular right now. It just gets labeled with the word “It”. It is also worth mentioning that there is no such thing as too niche when it comes to throwing this term around. Seriously, hemlines, laces, soles, manicures, and fascinators – they can all be It.

Term: Balloon Sleeves
Definition: It was late in 2016 that the balloon sleeve started to make its presence known in the world of fashion, namely on some of the biggest catwalks and runways. We’re talking about designers like J.W. Anderson, Marni and Simone Rocha all adding these to their collections. In a world of nuances – and that is exactly what the fashion world is separated by – it is important that you don’t confuse the balloon sleeve with a power shoulder. You see, with a balloon sleeve, the bulbous shape starts just below the bicep and tends to finish at the wrist. Like all the terms on this list, it is well worth knowing what is meant by this, although, in all honesty, we don’t think it will last the test of time. Phew, right.

And there we have it, the top trends and the terminology used to describe them. We couldn’t tell you which copywriter comes up with them, or where they first get coined, but they seem to have a way of sticking and transforming the entire industry. It is beyond us, but what can one do but sit down, revise and prove they know their stuff.


Movie Preview and Giveaway: Same Kind Of Different As Me

Hi Beautiful People.

It feels more like summer than fall these days, however seeing the leaves change and the mums in full bloom is a sight to behold.

Do you think we need more love and kindness in the world today? Well I don’t think so, I know our world needs it.
Do you think that people deserve to have a second chance?

God is a God of a second chance, third chance, fourth change and those chances go on and on. We all mess up and fall short. When that happens, we feel that there is no way to get up and dust ourselves off and move forward again. Many times we feel that God is mad at us and we can’t possibly be forgiven. God loves us and He is not mad at us. This movie will tug at your heart because it hits home and makes us think of the unforgiveness in our lives and in order to forgive others we have to forgive ourselves for complete reconciliation.
Do you have any unforgiveness on the inside? We can’t be totally free until we cast those cares of unforgiveness into the sea of forgetfulness. It’s not easy but we can’t quit.

Bubbling with Elegance and Grace is teaming up with LEV3L Digital introduce you to the latest movie from PureFlix — SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME. You will have a chance to win two tickets to see the movie for yourself. Here is the movie’s trailer to let you know more about it.

After that movie trailer I know I am drawing you in with captivation to go to see this movie when it opens in theaters on.

“Based on an unforgettable true story of forgiveness, friendship, family, and faith, SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME opens in theaters on October 20th. With two Academy Award® winners and two nominees, the film’s outstanding cast brings to life the New York Times bestseller that interweaves stories of international art dealer Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear), his grace-giving wife Debbie (Renée Zellweger), their unexpected friend Denver (Djimon Hounsou), and Ron’s estranged father Earl (Jon Voight).” It  is rated PG-13.”

SKDM Ministry Stills

My hubby and I have not seen the entire movie, only a five-minute clip. It was long enough to get an idea of its themes and it left me wanting to see it.

The movie touches on acts of kindness that can change the circumstances for the people who need them. A smile, opening a door for someone, or volunteering at a homeless shelter. There are many ways to pay it forward. No act of kindness showing God’s love is too small.
One theme that resonates throughout the movie is second chances. We all have at some point in our life needed a second chance. Whether it is from our spouse for mistakes we have made; or from events out of our control. This movie will have you thinking about how you can care for those who are hurting and in need of that second chance. It is not just the act of kindness, but it is something that chance a person’s life forever. Knowing that makes it a heart thing.

Thanks to LEV3L Digital and Fandango, one of our readers will receive two tickets to see the movie in the theater.

How To Enter: Leave a comment below. State why Acts of Kindness and Second Chances are important in today’s world.

Deadline: Comments must be received by Sunday, October 15th at midnight (CST).

Announcement: The winner will be announced on Monday, October 16th.

SKDM Ministry Stills

We all need more kindness and a another chance. We cannot wait to see Same Kind of Different As Me in its entirety to see how these themes changed the lives of the characters in the movie; and how we can incorporate them in our own life.

FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling With Elegance And Grace did not receive any monetary payment to write this preview. However, we will receive to see the movie when it released at the theater. All opinions about the movie are our own.

Learn About the Effectiveness of Melanotan Peptide for Artificial Tanning

The availability of various sunless tanning methods like Melanotan peptide injection has made skin tanning convenient and popular. The increasing awareness of the health risks associated with sunbathing has contributed to the increasing popularity of fake or sunless tanning methods. One of the widely used methods of gaining an artificial or sunless tan is the use of Melanotan II injections. The availability of various sunless tanning alternatives raises the question about the most effective and convenient method of tanning.

Courtesy: Getty Images

The need of sunless or fake tanning
Sunbathing has been preferred way of gaining the perfect skin tan. Various studies conducted on the harmful effects of Ultraviolet radiation which are a principal part of sunlight and susceptibility of various skin types to sun damage led to the search for sunless tanning alternatives. The extended exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer, premature aging, sunburn, sun poisoning, etc.

One of the earliest sunless tanning innovations were the tanning beds, but its association with an increasing number of skin cancer cases led to the search of other sunless tanning methods. This led to the use of various sunless tanning treatments like lotions, sprays and injections like Melanotan peptide injections. The abundance of sunless tanning treatments raised the question of the effectiveness of the available treatments.

Melanotan II as a tanning treatment
Melanotan II is Melanotan tanning peptide injection that’s used to induce natural skin-tan. It works by enhancing the production of Melanin. Melanin is naturally present in the human body and it’s responsible for the skin tan and it’s instrumental in fighting skin cancer. The Melanotan II injection helps in inducing healthy tan with minimal exposure to the sunlight.

Acquiring and using Melanotan II
Melanotan II can be easily purchased from online pharmacies. It’s a prescription drug, so a doctor’s prescription is necessary to get the genuine product. The Melanotan II injection comes in a vial that contains the freeze dried powder. It needs to be mixed with sterile water before use and then it’s injected into the skin by using a needle.

It needs a sun exposure of 30 minutes at the initial phase. This time can be reduced to 10 minutes after the skin tan is visible. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to see the full effect of Melanotan II, depending on the individual constitution.

Other tanning methods
Various other sunless tanning methods apart from Melanotan peptide injections are also available in the market such as airbrush tans, bronze tanners, tanning lotions, etc. The effectiveness of spray or airbrush tans is limited since they fade quickly and they need to be completely dry after being applied or it may damage your clothing or it may fade when exposed to water. Bronze tanners are similar to makeup and it can be effectively used for a short period.

The factors that affect the choice of sunless tanning alternative are

  • The cost of a quality sunless tanning product like the bronze tanner
  • The time one needs to spend it its application
  • The life of resulting tan.

By the above factors, Melanotan II appears to be the most convenient sunless tanning alternative. It just needs to be injected into the skin and it doesn’t need any other ministrations. Once the effects are visible, it can be easily maintained for a long time without any permanent side effects.

Be Trendy with an Antique Engagement Ring

The engagement is an important component to marriage as it signifies the intentions of both parties to the proposed union by marriage. Traditionally, rings are exchanged for the engagement, and designs are many, yet the antique look is always there or thereabouts, and with single stone arrangements, greens and blues are very popular in 2017. Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular antique designs with engagement rings this summer.

  • Edwardian Style – Bathed in intricacy and elegance, an Edwardian engagement ring uses many tiny coloured gemstones, and if you are looking for such a design, you can purchase quality antique diamond rings at Kalmar Antiques, the leading online antique engagement ring retailer, and with so many to choose from, your unique selection will reflect the occasion perfectly. Platinum and, of course, diamonds are used extensively in Edwardian designs, and with oval or heart shapes, the ring has a real look of elegance about it.
  • The Art Deco Era – The 1920 -30 period saw a radical change in ring shape, with the newer designs reflecting the smart, compact architecture of that period, and geometric shapes with the clever use of black diamonds. Clean cut lines and varying stone sizes make this era a popular choice with modern women, and with opals and onyx, colours can be abound. If you would like to browse some trendy engagement ring designs that are to be seen this year, there are useful lists of fashionable ring designs you can find online.
  • Post-Depression Engagement Rings – The glamour and grandeur of the early 20th century designs gave way to more practical concepts, with less expensive stones being favoured, and although the trend was still for clean lines, dreamy ovals and pear shaped amber clusters made for a colourful and romantic design.
  • The Post War Era – This was the time when the angular geometric shapes were left behind, to be replaced by circular and oval clusters, with rubies making a comeback. Modern solutions take the effort from selecting an engagement ring, and rather than spending a weekend scouring the jewellery stores, a few hours of Internet browsing is a far nicer alternative, and with online retailers, you can find lower than retail prices for top quality pieces.
  • The Swinging Sixties – The 1950 – 60 period saw the arrival of stacked engagement rings, made famous by Audrey Hepburn, and this was the time for gold and entwined rings, reflecting the dramatic changes in fashion that transformed a traditional society in one of rebellion. Diamonds were still fashionable, and with tiny stone sizes and creative clusters, the trend moved towards individuality and uniqueness.

Engagement rings come in many shapes and designs, and with the current trend staying with the elegant periods of the pre-war years, there are many exciting and unique rings to be found with online suppliers, and with your partner, you can browse in the comfort of your own home before selecting something ideal for this very special occasion.

Facelift 101: A Facelift Procedure Guide

The disappearance of youthful contours from the face can be attributed to a variety of reasons. They include thinning of the skin, gravity, sun damage, loss of facial fat, heredity, smoking and stress. Aging is an inevitable process of nature that we can’t stop. But even as you age, restoring your once vibrant natural appearance from yesteryears is possible. By visiting a certified cosmetic surgeon, you can reverse the effects of time and gravity through a facelift procedure.

What is a facelift?
A facelift is technically referred to as rhytidectomy. It is a surgical procedure that aims at reversing the visible signs of aging appearing on your face and neck. They can include sagging of the face as a result of skin relaxation, deepening of the fold lines that appear between the nose and the corner of your mouth, disappearing or falling of fat, jowls and excess fat in the neck that lead to “turkey neck” or what people call double chin.

Why have a facelift?
As you continue to age, your skin loses its elasticity. Eventually, you will develop deep wrinkles as your skin becomes loose. While this is a natural process which everyone must go through when growing up, it is also normal to feel bothered about these signs and to, therefore, consider getting a facelift.

It is okay to feel self-conscious about your sagging skin. Some people wear scarfs and turtlenecks not to fight the cold but to hide their aging neck. If you feel younger than you look in the mirror or are concerned that your aging appearance is affecting your personal relationship and career, you should be a candidate for a facelift procedure.

After going through a facelift procedure, patients become more confident about themselves. They no longer feel like there is a mismatch between their appearance and the healthy and energetic vibe they seem to exhibit.

Are there age restrictions for facelift surgery?
Age will not play a significant role in qualifying or disqualifying your candidacy for getting a facelift surgery. Other factors that have a more bearing on your ability to undergo the procedure are the elasticity of your skin and your overall health.

Majority of patients who get facelifts are between 40 and 70 years of age. It is, however, not uncommon for people over the age of 70 to undergo the procedure. A qualified plastic surgeon should make the final determination about someone’s candidacy after evaluating their skin’s texture and condition.

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon
Facelift surgery is a rather complicated procedure that should only be performed by a well-qualified plastic surgeon. They need to have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and must possess a particular set of surgical skills. They should also have a highly-developed eye for aesthetic detail. Not all physicians who perform cosmetic surgery have the requisite training in the discipline. You should do your homework before selecting the right surgeon.

When speaking to potential cosmetic surgeons, make specific inquiries about their training and experience. How many successful procedures have they done before? Do they have before and after pictures to this effect? You should study the photos to get a feel of their aesthetic style. Men who want facelift surgery should first confirm whether the surgeon has any experience working on other men. The facial anatomy of man is very different from that of a woman.

Types of facelift procedures

Candidates for a mini-facelift are those dealing with mild degrees of sagging skin and jowls. The procedure is less invasive, and the surgeon can tighten deep facial tissues by making short incisions. They make the incisions along the hairline above the ears and/or in the creases that surround the ear. The surgeon lifts the structural tissues around the cheeks and tightens them to refine the jaw, correct jawline and rejuvenate the patient’s appearance.

Standard Facelift
Patients dealing with moderate to advanced aging undergo a standard facelift. The surgery calls for more extensive work compared to the mini-facelift. The results are more dramatic and much more time is required for the recovery process. The surgeon makes the incisions just behind the hairline, beginning close to the temples, and passing around the front of the ear, hiding it in the natural folds.

The facelift surgeon will reposition the deeper tissues under the skin and smooth the crease by removing excess skin. It will eliminate the sagging skin under the chin to restore a youthful contour to the face and neck.

The recovery process
Although a facelift is a complicated procedure that calls for exceptional surgical skills, most patients can recover quickly. After two weeks or thereabouts, you will be able to return to your normal daily activities. You may have to wait for two more weeks to do strenuous exercise though. The timelines are even shorter for mini-facelift patients.

Patients are usually concerned about how they will look soon after undergoing the procedure. It is a valid concern since you can’t cover the face as you would breasts or the body. Bruising and swelling will appear after the facelift procedure. But after two days, they will start disappearing gradually. After 10 to 14 days, people will barely notice. If you need to wear camouflage makeup, you should ask the cosmetic surgeon when it is safe to do so.

If performed by an experienced certified cosmetic surgeon, a facelift is expected to not only look natural now but also age naturally. However, you will need to do certain things to keep the good look. One of them is to maintain a healthy, stable weight. Significant fluctuations in your weight will make the skin stretch again. A regular skincare regimen is also recommended to keep the skin healthy and to prevent unnecessary aging.

About the author:
Dr. Robert Tornambe is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York City. His wealth of knowledge on the discipline coupled with his many years of experience make him one of the leading cosmetic surgeons around.

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