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Leather Honey Cleaner and Conditioner Review

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Accessories, Around the Home, Fashion | 0 comments

Elegant Readers,

 The Bubbling with Elegance and Grace team was contacted and asked to try a Leather Honey cleaner and conditioner kit. We wanted to try this product because it has been around for awhile and is known for quality and integrity. And, because we had a few leather items in our closet that needed to be cleaned before being able to wear them.

“Since 1968, master leather craftsmen and individuals alike have been relying on Leather Honey, the premium leather conditioner, to condition used leather and protect new leather.  Uniquely formulated to penetrate deep into the pores of the leather, Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is designed to bring out the best in your favorite leather – from classic equestrian items to furniture, automobiles, shoes, apparel, wallets and more. And we do it without the use of any animal products, silicone, toxins, solvents, or other harmful chemicals.” Leather Honey website

Leather Honey Cleaner and Conditioner

Leather Honey Cleaner and Conditioner, with two cloths

My hubby had these pair of shoes that looked like they were ready to be recycled. However, he wanted to see if Leather Honey products would bring them back to their original luster.

Below is a picture of the shoes. The shoes look dusty and worn from wear.

Hubby's shoes in need of a makeover

Hubby’s shoes in need of a makeover

 The kit came with a bottle of cleaner, a bottle of conditioner, and two cleaning clothes. The cleaner is super-concentrated. It must be diluted in water before using. The directions on the bottle say to use two tablespoons of the cleaner for every eight ounces of water. My hubby found an empty spray bottle that we had in the closet and he created the cleaning solution.

Leather Honey Cleaning Solution, diluted one tablespoon and eight ounces of water.

Leather Honey Cleaning Solution, diluted one tablespoon and eight ounces of water.

My hubby sprayed the diluted solution on the each of the shoes and used one of the clothes to clean the shoes. The directions tell you not to spray to much of the solution on the item that you are cleaning. You do not need to over-saturate the item because the solution is pretty powerful. My hubby sprayed only a couple of sprays on each of the shoes and this was more than enough to get the dust, grime and dirt off of the shows.

After the shoe has had a chance to dry, the next step is to apply the conditioner. Using the second cloth that was included in the kit, my hubby applied the conditioner to the cloth and then used the cloth to buff the shoes. My hubby recommends that you apply the conditioner to the cloth instead of directly to the item you are working with. This allows the conditioner to be applied more evenly and smoothly to the item.

My hubby applying the conditioner.

My hubby applying the conditioner.

After cleaning the shoes take a look at the dirt that came off in the cloth.

Cleaning Cloth results

Cleaning Cloth results

Allowing the the shoes to dry and applying the conditioner, the transformation is marvelous. Take a look!

These shoes look new and revitalized.

The shoes, after applying the cleaner and conditioner.


Check out the Leather Honey website because the company gives detailed information, videos and testimonials about the natural leather cleaner and conditioner.


*This is my honest opinion. Bubbling With Elegance and Grace team was gifted the
natural cleaner and conditioner and two cloths from Leather Honey .

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5 Little Known Ways to Get a Leg Workout at Home

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Fitness | 0 comments

We have all been there at some point: snow blocking the roads, sick child at home that needs pampering, car is in the shop, or probably the most common, I just don’t have the time today. But you need to get to a gym to get a leg workout, right? What to do?

While less than ideal, I typically take these days as an opportunity to work not only major muscle groups, but also minor muscles that are often neglected during traditional exercises. As goes the old idiom, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” so goes a body is only as strong as its weakest muscle. So here are four at-home exercises that can work both your major and minor muscle groups which require little to no equipment.

  1. The Windmill Lunge

Typically, when we do lunges, we are doing front lunges, which give the quads a fantastic burn, but otherwise do not work other muscles. The windmill lunge will work all parts of your leg, including the inner thigh muscles and hip abductors. To do a windmill lunge, begin with a normal forward lunge, with your right foot forward. In your next lunge, step forward at a 45 degree angle. Continue to rotate 45 degrees each lunge, and after five lunges you will have just completed a reverse lunge. Repeat until fatigued and then switch legs.

  1. Jump Lunge

One of the worst aspect about at home workout is that without equipment, it is difficult to do explosive movements which activate those “Type 2” muscle fibers, which are the muscle fibers responsible for your heavy lifts. Doing a jump lunge will activate those type 2 muscle fibers. To do a jump lunge, it’s easy; do a lunge, then jump up in the air and switch your foot position for the next lunge, then land. The faster you move, the better the burn!


  1. One-Legged Squat

This exercise requires a lot of balance to execute correctly, so in case you fall over your first few times, make sure you have something to grab onto. Stand on a step with one foot and keep your other foot off the ground. Lower yourself with your planted leg until your butt and knee are parallel, then stand back up. If you can, try not to hold onto anything while doing these. Again, balancing engages minor muscles as well as your core.

  1. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl

Likely the easiest exercise from this list, find an inflatable exercise ball and lie down on your back. Place both your heels on the ball and lift your body off the ground. Now bring the ball in closer to your body by curling your legs. Repeat until fatigued. For a more challenging exercise, use a smaller exercise ball, which will throw your body off balance and engage more and different muscle fibers.


Whether your home is your ideal workout spot or you’re crunched for time and can’t leave the house, these exercises can get you the workout your body needs.

This article was authored by Michael Volkin, inventor of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight exercise cards and the all new Weight Loss Stack 52, the most fun and unique way to lose weight. 

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The Wedding Dress: 15 Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

Posted by on Sep 14, 2014 in Fashion, From the Heart, Inspirations | 0 comments

Hi Elegant Readers,

My  hubby and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on September 11th! We are celebrating the whole month.

Wow, 15 years makes me reflect to my wedding day filled with joy and happiness.

JT and Hubby Wedding The rings

JT and Hubby Wedding
The rings

This is my daddy and I on my wedding day, he was putting a penny in my shoe for good blessings.

JT  and Daddy

JT and Daddy

My hubby and I celebrated this past week with an awesome road trip. We just got back and I’m getting back to blogging again. We will be writing about the trip to the Southwest, so check back soon for those posts.

I wanted to see what my wedding dress looked like and how it fit after all these years. I pulled it out of the closet and I tried it on. My dress did not cost thousands of dollars; but to me it looked like it did.

My dress was designed by Alfred Angelo, exclusively for JC Penney’s. I was dealing with some physical and medical challenges at the time, causing me to gain weight that I was not able to control.

 I know gaining about fifty pounds is not what I wanted when I got married; however I dealt with it and conquered it.

On the day of the wedding, the dress fit me exact. It did not need to be taken in or hemmed.

However, 15 years later, the sleeves are baggy and the wedding dress is loose on me now and hangs.

Side view Wedding Dress

Side view Wedding Dress

This is a back view of the dress and it’s beautiful, but it looks so different on me now. I decided to wear a cream-colored dress.

When you looked at it up close, you can tell that it is cream. But in all of the photographs, it looks white.

My daddy stepped on my dress after the ceremony was finished. I thought at the time that he had ripped the fabric where I couldn’t reattach the bustle to the back of the dress.

When I tried it on, I found out that the dress wasn’t ripped at all. But, my maid of honor did not attach the train correctly after I walked down the church steps.

  I attached the train correctly in the photo.

I thought this wedding dress was haute couture with all the bead work and detailing from the sleeves to the hem.

Back view JT wedding dress

Back view
JT wedding dress

Here’s an up close look of the detail in the bead work; exquisite I must say.

Closeup of detail

Closeup of detail

 My hubby and I planned our wedding and we were on a budget. However, I still wanted it to be a wonderful day of celebration. I still look at the dress and marvel at how beautiful it is with all the beadwork and lace.

Beadwork and Lace Detail

Beadwork and Lace Detail


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