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St. Louis Fashion Week VIP Blogger Lounge Recap

Posted by on Apr 12, 2014 in Blogging / Technology, Fashion | 1 comment

Hi Elegant Readers,

On Thursday evening, I went to an exclusive St. Louis Fashion Week VIP Blogger Lounge at the Scape Restaurant in the Central West End. My hubby, co-contributor, Jay really did not know what to expect because this was our first time being at a local blogger event. 15 vendors and 50 bloggers were invited to attend this exclusive event.  This was a chance for hubby and I to get to know some of the brands in our local community and get a feel for how they envision their business by collaborating with bloggers.

At events like this I always make sure I have plenty of business cards and press kits handy.

Doors opened at 6pm. Jay and I were a little early so we checked in. I had time to take a picture of this awesome Chihuly artwork that was located in the lobby of the restaurant.  We then walked around for a little bit and then we went back upstairs to attend the event.

Chihuly artwork

The first vendor that we talked to was Heather Krako of Bellestyle. Heather is a jewelry designer who has designed jewelry for Los Angeles fashion week, St. Louis Fashion Week, Good Morning America, Glamour and many more. She beautiful pieces are in high demand.  She was very informative about her inspirations and how it truly is a joy for her to create because she is a talented artist.  Please look at her jewelry pieces on

She was so kind that she gave each blogger a free bracelet and a 40% discount on a purchase of any of her items.  I chose this one that has a crown charm as my free bracelet.
I purchase a Arizona Turquoise and  silver necklace that is beautiful and elegant, but oh so chic.


Next we talked with Kate Duryea, the owner of the newly opened Dimvaloo Active Living. In her store, she exclusively carries Australia’s Premier Activewear label. I was able to talk to her about the creator of the activewear Lorna Jane and how the fabric doesn’t pill, durable and last for years.

Dimvaloo top and pants to my left

I will definitely look into this line because its a plus to find activewear that is good quality and sustainable.  She was very kind and informative and I am interested in trying out the active wear.


Soft Surroundings

We stopped at the Soft Surroundings booth and was given coupons and a sample of the Aya Blu fragrance.
I had a my iPad with me so I could show them how I styled a recent post with two skirts from Soft Surroundings. Thank the Lord for having a hotspot it helped so much with showing my blog. They didn’t have any of their clothes at the event, however the latest catalog was available for the taking. 

Soft Surroundings ayablu

Soft Surroundings ayablu


This company has the American dream written all over it. Andrea Robertson, CEO of Triflare created a company that designs active wear for Triathletes. She recently landed a contract to design the swimsuits for the synchronized swimmers at the 2016 Olympic Games.  She was award a $50,000 arch grant to start up her company and Alive magazine wrote an article about her and her company.  She was so informative about her line and that the company is eighteen months old, so everything write now is so exciting.

Her designs are so cool. When my hubby and I talked with her, she discussed how she works with another designer that use to work at Boeing and specialized in mapping .  Her expertise balances out the designs in a swimsuit. This important part of Triflare can make you look slimmer or give you curves, if you need them, it’s all in mapping. This designer tidbit works across the board to give the illusion of looking slimmer of adding curves if you need them.


Triflare suits

 I work out and would love to get one of this suit. Robertson is working on moving her business to St. Louis and I can’t wait.  I know she is designing mainly for triathletes; but I can see a work out collection in the horizon.

TriFlare bag She gave me and the other bloggers who stopped by her display a great bag with a bold pattern, just like her suits.

This post will be in two parts, so stay tuned.

JTwisdom signature


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MarketPlace Handwork Of India: The Saloni Tunic

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Fashion | 12 comments

Hi Elegant Readers,

Blessings and an overabundance of joy to you.

I am honored to collaborate again with MarketPlace Handwork of India, I support its mission wholeheartedly.
(Click Here, Here and Here for my previous collaborations with MarketPlace!)

Excerpt from MarketPlace Handwork Of India’s Mission
Empowered with independence and self-confidence, these women become agents of change. And they find the courage, with the support of their cooperative members, to fight for what they believe in. Asserting themselves as decision-makers in their families, they have kept their children in school and out of early marriages, thus ensuring them a better future. They have also become social activists, using the skills they have learned in the workplace to improve conditions in their communities.

In MarketPlace’s comprehensive and creative organization, economic development is only the first step for these brave and resourceful women.”

MarketPlace asked me to choose a specific piece from its Spring 2014 Collection and style the garment with my own flair.
With many wonderful garments to choose from, I selected the Saloni Tunic. The description of the Saloni Tunic from the catalog says,
“You won’t believe the artisan details in this breezy top -softest voile is gently pleated and embroidered for a stunning tone-on-tone effect. Half placket features hand crochet loops and shell buttons. Three-quarter sleeves are slightly flared, with a wide hem designed to be turned back.”

The label on the Saloni Tunic says, “Diginity Not Charity.” The tunic is handmade by NIRMAAN. The tag on the garment says, ” it is the mission of Market Place to provide a non-exploitative supportive work environment, thereby ensuring dignity to the artisans.”
Fabric Details: 100% Cotton
Care: Cold wash and Separately line dry
JT in Saloni Tunic

This tunic is soft and glided on my body. It is versatile and a complete chameleon. My plan was to put this Tunic to the test and work it in styles that no one would ever imagine could be pulled off successfully.
Here goes! I am jumping in full force so lets go!

The tunic is long and comes to my mid hip. It has a very relaxed fit, my first Saloni style was with My Soft Surroundings silk and metallic forest green skirt with matching self belt. This skirt has always been a challenge to style because of its color and shape. I thought myself, “Why not style the skirt with the tunic?” After trying it on and checking it out in the mirror, I thought, “It worked! It worked! Eureka!”

The color of the Tunic blended perfectly and added a splash of vibrancy. The belt gave a cinched-in look and added definition to my waist. The belt did not give it a matchy-matchy look. It flowed very well.
JT in Saloni TunicThe tunic is beautiful and so soft and relaxed.
JT styles Saloni TunicThe Saloni Tunic style two is with a Soft Surroundings bubble purple metallic striped skirt.  My favorite beagle Gio was my side, keeping an eye over the land. The colors coordinated beautifully and I felt very comfortable.  I said “comfortable” — you know, the bad word in the fashion industry.  Fashion can be chic and comfortable. This tunic and skirt combo proves that fact.
Do you notice how the pleats in the front of the tunic do not flair out but lay flat beautifully?

MarketPlace Handwork of India

MarketPlace Handwork of India

The front and back of the tunic has pleats that glide across and lay flat as well. The tunic is not boxy and adds shape to the body.
JT Saloni Tunic Style Two

I am jumping for joy over how carefree and beautiful this top looks and feels.

JT Jumping for Joy!

The Saloni Tunic style three is for a more casual Friday look, or a date night with the hubby, or shopping on a Saturday afternoon.
Pairing this tunic with my NYDJ jeans proved to be the perfect ensemble.
JT  Saloni Style FourThis was such a cool outfit. The tunic and the straight leg jeans gave a beautiful balance.

JT  Casual ChicThank you MarketPlace Handwork of India for the opportunity to style this lovely Saloni tunic.

JT in Saloni TunicJTwisdom signature

Please note: was gifted this tunic. This post is JT’s honest opinions and reviews.

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Horse-Riding Essentials for Beginner Riders

Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Accessories, Fashion | 0 comments

Hello Lovely People,

Riding a horse is so relaxing and enjoyable for me. Horses are beautiful and intelligent animals. I have always wanted to own a couple to train on my ranch one day. The horses and my ranch are dreams of mine. Taking lessons on horse-ridings is the first step to make this happen.

Are you starting riding lessons?

Horse-riding is an exhilarating pastime but one that require patience and preparation as you get started. When prepared, it’s a hobby that is safe and fun, but there are some essential pieces of kit that you will require before you’ve even set foot on a horse. Depending on where you are planning to have lessons, some of this equipment may be available for hire but when you can afford to purchase your own, all of the following are a brilliant investment to your horse-riding future:

If there’s one item that it is crucial you own, it’s a good fitting helmet. Whilst a number of these horse riding essentials are based on your comfort, a helmet is vital to your safety and well-being should you fall or be knocked off your horse. Though you are likely to remain safe with sensible riding guidance, horses are animals after all and cannot always be predicted. Being bucked off a horse is rare but extremely dangerous so keep yourself protected from the worst case scenario.

Riding boots
Riding boots, or country boots as they may also be called, provide exceptional grip in the stirrups while riding – another important safety aspect and a crucial factor in best ride performance. If you can’t afford your own riding boots when starting out and they are not available for hire at your stable, opt for a comfortable pair of Wellington boots instead. Trainers are not sensible as they are usually two wide and can get stuck, a real riding hazard.

Riding Boots


Body protector
This garment is more of an optional layer but it’s highly recommended for anxious beginners or younger riders. A body protector does just as its name suggests – provides full body protection in the event you do fall.

Even if the stable you are attending for lessons allows riders to wear jeans, jodhpurs are the go-to riding trouser and a great choice from the start. Jeans may be practical for a variety of everyday activities, but when it comes to horse riding you will find them uncomfortable. If you don’t fancy washing your trousers regularly, make sure you opt for a dark coloured design that will not show up all the muck that will inevitably gather during your sessions.

New riders can suffer quite badly with blisters at first, as delicate hands are not used to gripping tough reins. You may like to wear gloves to prevent this happening, or just to keep your hands more warm and comfortable on an early morning trek.

Lady Rider on horse
Close fitting top or jumper
It doesn’t really matter what you opt for on your upper body but choose something that is not too baggy. You will find riding that big harder if your shirt or jumper is flapping around in the breeze and it can even frighten some horses.

Remember, you might not be the one running round on the field but horse riding is energetic work. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you to keep on the side should you need a quick refresher.

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