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7 Little Known Fitness Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Fitness | 0 comments

There is so much to learn about workout properly, it can be as confusing as you want to make it. However, there are some simple tips, tricks and hacks that anyone can do to make working out easier and more effective. Below are some simple fitness hacks that you can incorporate today to take your fitness to a higher level.

Eat more meals –  Note I am not saying eat more food.  Break your meals into smaller portions and eat more frequently. Ideally you should eat a meal every 3 hours. Doing this will keep your blood sugar levels in check, keep your appetite under control so your less likely to binge on an unhealthy snack and increase your metabolism.

Tell the world – Tell the world, or at least your world, that you have a goal to lose weight, gain muscle, or even finish a 5k. Most people are willing to let themselves down before their friends and family. Whatever your goal is, telling your friends and family will keep you accountable to them and not yourself. Social networking websites are a great medium for announcing your goals.

The “new exercise” rule- Too often I see people in the gym doing the exact same exercises day after day. Your body has an amazing ability to adapt, and exercising is no exception. Over time, doing the same exercises over and over will decrease the effectiveness of your workouts. Make it a goal that every Sunday night you will search the internet for one new exercise you want to do at least 3 times during the upcoming week. Not only will this new exercise be a learning experience, it will take your fitness to a higher level.

Workout with a friend – Fact: working out with someone will make you less likely to skip a workout and more likely to complete a workout. So grab a buddy at a similar fitness level to you and be amazed at how far you push yourself.

Reward yourself – This hack is especially useful for someone who can never seem to workout consistently. One of the biggest problems newbies have is they quit because they don’t have an end goal, or their goal is too long term. Make a short term goal, just a month or two, and if you complete your goal, say lose 7 pounds, reward yourself with new workout clothes. Having a short-term goal and a reward will make you more likely to finish what you started.

Exercise to Fast Music – A recent study concluded exercising to fast paced songs made people exercise harder and longer. So load your phone up with fast paced heart thumping music before you exercise to increase the effectiveness of your workout.

Active Work Meetings – Why does a day at work have to involve sitting at a desk 8 hours a day? A recent study concluded sitting is deadly, literally. Schedule an active work meeting. Instead of sitting at a conference table with others, burn some calories and take a walk around the building.

This article was authored by Sergeant Michael Volkin, inventor of Weight Loss Stack 52 and Strength Stack 52 weight loss and fitness cards

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Style Spotlight: What to Wear to a Wedding

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Accessories, Fashion | 0 comments

Hello Elegant Readers;

I am proud to introduce you to fashion blogger Breanne, who has written a wonderful guest post article on what to wear to a wedding. Great advice for a special occasion.

Summer is my favorite season of the year, not just for the warm weather, but for the incredibly fresh and colorful fashions I get to wear all season long. For me, this season is filled with a lot of outdoor activities: cookouts, bonfires, and of course, weddings. Summer is definitely wedding season and if you’re a twenty-something like me, it seems like there’s a wedding happening every other weekend!

I’m all about summer weddings, for one it’s a great way to meet people and enjoy some free food and drinks. But above all this, I live for getting dolled up for a wedding. Bridal looks are my absolute favorite because it’s so refreshing to switch up my everyday casual look into something spectacular. Don’t think because you have several weddings to attend this summer that you’ll have to spend a fortune to get the look you want, I’m here to help you dress your best in an affordable way. If you’re fresh out of ideas for what to wear to a wedding this summer, try any one of these chic styles.


Summer weddings are the perfect time to debut a fresh print look. If you’re attending a wedding this season then why not stray from your everyday and wear this flowy floral print dress from ThePussycat London Sun Dress with Daisy Floral Print is a favorite of mine because it’s colorful, yet chic enough to wear to a wedding. Pair this dress with some camel strappy heels and you’re good to go! Most people will tell you to stay away from print for wedding looks, but I highly encourage it! You’ll stand out in the best possible way with this floral print dress.



Polka Dot

It’s common knowledge that if you’re not the bride then do not wear white to a wedding. However, no one said you couldn’t wear a white dress with polka dots! To brighten up your wedding look, go with this cute summer dress from dress is perfect to wear to a wedding because it’s the perfect combination of white & yellow; you can look great without taking the attention off the bride. This fun and flirty polka dot dress is great to wear all season long too!




I love draped dresses because they’re sophisticated and make you look like a Grecian goddess—and who wouldn’t want that?! The right draped dress will have a comfortable fit and sophisticated design. I love theDKNYC Sleeveless Draped Knit Dress from because it is all these things and more! It’s a flirty dress made of soft & comfortable material that gives the appearance of something more expensive. Pair this draped dress with some white pumps and the right accessories and you’ll create a show-stopping look!




Lace is sexy and stylish, there’s no doubt about that, but some women shy away from lace as a wedding look. I don’t understand why, I think lace is perfect to celebrate in! Don’t be afraid to mix things up at your next wedding and try a lace dress. I can’t get enough of this A Lace For Romance Cream Lace Dress from Paired with some powder pink heels, its silky cream color mixes with the lace design for an absolutely gorgeous look. After the wedding you can wear this dress for dates or a night out on the town. The sexy silhouette is great for any occasion!




A maxi dress is a great go-to dress when you’re looking for something extremely affordable. Casual enough to wear everyday and easy enough to doll up for a special event like a wedding. If you’re really on a budget, but want to look stylish, then go for this affordable Maxi Dress from The long jersey dress comes in a sleek, dark purple hue that’s great for a summer wedding. The strapless design makes it perfect for pairing with a statement necklace or dangle earrings. Priced at just under $20, it’s a great dress for the woman on a budget.




Now that you have a couple choices for a dress to wear to a wedding, it’s time to accessorize! Accessories can really make or break your look, and for a wedding I suggest sticking with gold, silver, or pearls. Since it’s summer, you can add a hint of color to your accessories, but if your dress is already colorful I advise sticking to neutral tones. Accessories and jewelry can be pretty expensive, so I suggest going faux or sticking to an outlet store, such as



 I hope my reception looks inspire you to try something new this summer. Do you have a wedding reception coming up? Let me know what you’re wearing down below in the comments!

Author Bio: Breanne is a recent college graduate, blogger, and fashion aficionada. You can find her over at her blog, Proper & Pink! and on Google +.

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Vine Vera Cabernet Collection Review: Pure Luxury!

Posted by on Jul 12, 2014 in Beauty | 8 comments

Hi Bubbling Readers,

JT holding Vine Vera products

JT holding Vine Vera products

Vine Vera recently contacted me to review a couple of products from its Cabernet High-Potency Collection.

I had not heard of Vine Vera until I was contacted. To find out more I went to the Vine Vera site and read its objective.

According to its website, “Vine Vera has formulated Resveratrol alongside other extraordinary anti-aging ingredients into miracle formulas for all types of skin. Vine Vera is committed to rejuvenating your skin so that you may achieve the lifelong younger looking skin you’ve always wanted.”

Everyone wants younger looking skin or keep the great skin they have, and using Vine Vera skin care is a way to fight back anti-aging. I have read and seen many companies say that their products contain resveratrol, which is derived from grapes and is found in red wine. I had not used any skin care products that contained reservatrol, so I was excited to try Vine Vera.

The Fountain of Youth?

Reversing the aging process can start in your teens and it is never too late to take better care of your skin. I have tried a variety of products and I was really excited to see what Vine Vera had to offer.

My package arrived and I received two products for review:

Vine Vera package

Vine Vera package

Vine Vera Resveratrol High Potency Serum 1 fl. oz.

and the

Vine Vera Reservatrol High Potency Cream 3.53 fl. oz.

I expected to receive sample sizes of these products; but instead both items were full size. THANK YOU VINE VERA!

In order to give an honest review, I knew that I needed to try out these products for a period of time to see how it affected my skin. I have seen some people make claims that their skin was so much better after using a product only one time. That is just not enough time to see the cumulative results. I decided to use the Vine Vera products exclusively for one month because this is a sufficient amount of time to see a difference.

The serum goes on first and it is very light and feels like silk.

Vine Vera Cabernet Serum

Vine Vera Cabernet Serum

I then followed the serum with the Vine Vera Cabernet Resveratrol High-Potency Cream. These products are highly concentrated, you only need about a very small amount. The amount of cream on my finger below is enough for my entire face and neck area.

VIne Vera Cabernet Resveratrol High-Potency Cream

VIne Vera Cabernet Resveratrol High-Potency Cream

The feeling on my skin is baby soft, the serum and cream are luxurious.  Can’t you tell?  The cream is so light. It rubs into my skin effortlessly and does not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily.  See my expression, the cream feels so good. I have red undertones in my skin, my mother would tell me that’s my Choctaw Native Indian American heritage coming through.

JT applying Vine Vera Cabernet skincare

JT applying Vine Vera Cabernet skincare

Vine Vera Resveratrol Serum and High-Potency Cream contain no parabens, no mineral oil, no paraffin, no sodium laurel sulfate or any other of those icky ingredients. Not having fillers and synthetic ingredients was a big plus for me. The products contain only the ingredients needed to make your skin look and feel beautiful.

I can tell my skin looks so soft now and moisturized. Flawless!



The video below is a brief review of the Vine Vera products that was sent to me. I enjoyed doing it and be prepared for cameos of my doggies. Ha! Ha!

YouTube Preview Image

Always do a patch test to see how the skincare will react to your skin 24 hours before using them on your face. If you would like to learn more about resveratrol, Vine Vera has information on its site regarding studies and benefits this key ingredient has to offer.

Vine Vera is offering my Bubbling readers a generous 20% discount on its website.  The Vine Vera discount code is BWE20OFF.

Please click on Vine Vera to find out more about its products and to purchase.

Thank you Vine Vera for giving me the opportunity to use and review your products.


JT at Lady Ram event

JT at Lady Ram event

JTwisdom signature

* Vine Vera provided me with these products no cost.
All opinions and statements are strictly my own. *

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